Pradhanmantri Bima Jyoti Yojana Babat mahatvaPurne jankari

Pradhanmantri Bima Jyoti Yojana Babat mahatvaPurne jankari 




Important Notice:

 If someone in a close relative / friend circle has * died * from Kovid-19 or * for any reason * then look at the account statement or passbook entry of * 01-04-2020 to 31-03-2021 * in the bank account.

 See the entry of insurance premium of Rs.330 / -  mark it, * Go to the bank and claim insurance. 

 My humble request to all of you is that if such cases happen around you, you should immediately inform the  victim family 

 Those who may have closed the account after death will also be able to claim if the premium has been deducted during that period.

  In the year 2015, the government provided two cheap insurance schemes to the savings account holders of all the banks.  Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Vima Yojana * (PMJJBY) at Rs 330 * and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Vima Yojana * (PMSBY) at Rs 12.  2 lakh 

 Many of us have filled out this form.  His premium will also be debited from his account on * 31/05 *

  Link to get complete information of this scheme.

 First of all, spread this message from village to village, Rs.200000 / -  is a huge amount for all of us.

 ... would be useful if known

Kgbv organization for girls is now in Porbandar taluka ... give admission to needy girls ... motivate all parents to apply online today ... 

Friends, till now the crit area of ​​admission in kgbv was a bit awkward so not all babies can apply for admission. Now according to the new rules of admission, any baby can get admission in Std. 6 to 9 in the year 2021..22.  It is the sacred duty of all that we have to explain to all the children of Std. 5 to 8 and their parents that if they get admission in kgbv, the girls get the following facilities free of cost till the twelfth standard.

All the following facilities will be available to all students in Porbandar taluka from now on .. 

1. 2 times good healthy meal ... 2 times breakfast

2. Accommodation in a modern building with air-conditioned personal bedding

3. Clean sanitation with hot water as well as R O water for drinking.

4..Warden in hostel..Aasi.  Warden's 24 hours guidance as well as systematic coaching with adequate equipment by special ladies teacher for sports ... art ... commuter ...

5. Mathematics .. Science English tuition ..

6 ..Essential oils throughout the year..Sabu .. Shampoo .. Stationery ....

7. Stipend is also deposited in the bank account as per the rule every month

All the above facilities are provided free of cost in kgbv. In addition, each kgbv is equipped with cctv camera. Adequate equipment is also available for sports, sewing, yoga and cultural programs.  Let us all participate in the work of virtue and let more and more babies take part in the entrance examination to be held in the coming April and become their mentors face to face..Astu Jai Hind.

  So visit the official site for application fee of any kind 

Hello to all Saraswat friends and esteemed dignitaries of the Sandh family as well as educationist friends. 

During the Corona period this year, many trainings were well received by teachers online which was much more effective than offline trainings  (much more effective than traditional trainings that have been going on for decades and years) 

These online trainings allow the teacher to train well at his convenience and also in a way that proves to be very effective.

So on behalf of all the Saraswat friends of Gujarat, we have a humble request to both the presidents of the Sangh and the office bearers to keep the education department or training centers online whenever possible and allow the teachers to teach the children in the school.

Offline training should be taken only for those teachers who do not want to take online training or accordingly they are having problems for some reason. 

Not all schools have the same conditions in all respects so offline training should be stopped so that the interest of the children is maintained and no classroom or school has to be without a teacher.

So a humble request to the President to draw attention to this matter keeping in view all the interests of the children.

Your friend

A Gujarati teacher

Chairman, President, Minister

All unions, .....

  Recently the ratio of number for Std. 1 to 8 has been brought to 60 and the ratio of number to Std. 6 to 8 has been brought and it has been decided to merge the distance of one kilometer for 1 to 3 and three kilometers for 6 to 8, then you have a humble request to Mr.  That the distance of 3 km for Std. 6 to 8 should be reduced to 2 km as due to social conditions and desolate roads, parents of daughters cannot send their daughter to a distant school after Std. 8 if there is no arrangement for further education in the village.  If it comes, parents will not allow their daughter to study in another school from standard 6 and the drop out ratio will increase. What will be the meaning of girls' education ... ??? The ratio of number should also be kept the same as before .. Will go ... Please consider the above matter on an immediate basis ..

Jai Shikshak ,, Jai Sangathan ...

Pradhanmantri Bima Jyoti Yojana Babat mahatvaPurne jankari 


Circular of Health and Family Welfare Department regarding hiring of manpower services to control the transition of Kovid-19

Circular of Health and Family Welfare Department regarding hiring of manpower services to control the transition of Kovid-19




Circular of Health and Family Welfare Department regarding hiring of manpower services to control the transition of Kovid-19


Subject: - Matter of injustice in the online transfer camp to the teacher siblings who have been transferred in the massacre.

             Slaughtered teacher siblings
The matter has been brought to the notice of the state union, which has come to the notice of the current school seniority.  This morning I have had a telephonic talk with the General Secretary.  The state union is going to make a presentation on the matter to the director's office tomorrow morning.  We understand that teachers who have been replaced are being treated unfairly.  This has also been introduced by other district unions.  Tomorrow is the last day to apply online. In the afternoon, the message from the state union will be notified immediately.  Friends, we understand your question, that is why we are in constant touch with the Union and we are working together to get you justice.  Union officials are also aware of this.  Expect some good news.

The purpose of the current daughter scheme is to increase the birth rate of daughters.  Reducing the dropout ratio in daughters' education.  To empower daughters / women in the society.  Prevent child marriage.  Eligibility of Beneficiary Daughters born on or after 08/02/2018 will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme.  All the daughters of the couple's first three children will be eligible for the scheme.  > First in exceptional cases |  Even if more than one daughter is born in the family during the second / third delivery and the couple has more than three daughters, all the daughters will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme.  As per the provisions of the Child Marriage Prohibition Act-2006, only married couples who are married in adulthood will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme.  The annual income limit of the couple (husband and wife combined) seeking benefits under the 'Hali Dikri' scheme will be the same for rural and urban areas at the same amount of Rs.5,00,000 / - (two lakhs) or less  Eligibility of income limit should be taken in the context of the year ending on 31st March immediately after the birth of the beneficiary.  The family members of the daughters born on and after 08/06/2018 have to apply within the time limit of one year of the birth of the daughter in the prescribed form along with the supporting evidence.  (Back)

Benefits to be availed in Vhali Dikri's scheme  First installment - Rs. 5,000 / - will be payable to daughters at the time of admission in first standard.  > Second Installment - Assistance of Rs. 5,000 / - will be available at the time of admission in 9th standard.  Last Installment - A total of Rs.  But the daughter should not be child-married.  The applicant will have to submit the following supporting evidence along with the approval form of the scheme.  Daughter's birth certificate.  Aadhar card of daughter's parents.  Birth certificate of the parents of the daughter.  Annual income certificate of the daughter's parents.  Examples of births of all the couple's own surviving children.  Affidavit of the couple before the competent authority of the prescribed specimen.  Valli Dikari ”Application Form Anganwadi Center / CDPO Office / Gram Panchayat |  Women and Children will be available at the Officer's Office.  Note: In case of death of a daughter before the age of 18 years, the remaining assistance will not be available under "Vhali Dikari" scheme.  Office of Women and Child Officer Raj Mahal Compound, next to Bahumali Bhavan, Mehsana. 

Circular of Health and Family Welfare Department regarding hiring of manpower services to control the transition of Kovid-19


Employees can no longer be sent to Gandhinagar for higher pay scale

Employees can no longer be sent to Gandhinagar for higher pay scale



The root of all conflicts in the world is that we give less and demand more.  Whereas it should be that we give more and do not keep at all, or keep less than we can.  Love and service are no deeds and our nature should become.
  In the world, no karma is wasted, something comes out of it.  One of the biggest advantages of Nishkam Sewa is that we do not become an enemy.  Each moment we are filled with joy and joy.

  The amount of revenge you get from complaining to someone is many times more than what is asked.  There is no value for pleasure arising out of love.  Expectation is bondage, expectation makes life independent, salvation is the most independent of mind.

One who lives in love flourishes.
The one who is separated from love falls apart.


The knowledge that Gokarna gave while teaching Srimad Bhagwat Ji to Father Atma Dev is very amazing.  Every creature in the world is looking for happiness.  Whether it is rank, wealth, prestige or anything else, the desire for happiness is at the core of everyone.

Gokarna ji says father only two types of people can really experience happiness.  The first one who is disgusted.  Here despotism does not mean leaving everything in the forest.  Disobedience means not having any kind of expectation from anyone.
  Nobody makes us cry, our desire makes us cry.  Nobody bothers us, we are upset because of our attachment and desire.  The day we renounce attachment, then no one can grieve us.  Leave hope and once, because of which you are grieving times.

While talking about the nature of the shortcomings of others throughout the day, we waste our time only because of this our own resolving power is also weakened.  While discussing people with wrong conduct, the mind also creates the impression that the world is full of bad people, they also walk on the discrete path.

  Prepare your life for auspicious purposes and auspicious resolutions.  People who are engaged in creative, creative work do not get the time to see the evil and faults of others.

  All the great people in the world who became scientists, artists, painters, poets, litterateurs and scientists were able to succeed only because they were constantly engaged in their rituals every moment.  You too can give a lot to the world.  What you can give, now you know this yourself.

Hello sir
You will be well
     Sir, I have some discussion with you
     Currently the schools are merging .... According to the new education policy, if the number of 6 to 8 is less than 45, it will be included in the big school ... If the government says that, sir, most of the schools will be closed and vice versa.  It will happen that parents will either pick up the children or put them in a private school.  In both cases there is a complete digestive tract.
Sir, if we do not think seriously about these issues or do not protest, the very existence of teachers and government schools will be endangered.
Changed first ... For the purpose of getting benefit after 10 years .. Filled the form .. Now the rule will be brought that if the number is less than 45 then merge will be done then 10 years of seniority will be sacrificed ....  Instead of the rule ... then the scapegoat becomes the teacher or not ??? then the government should have submitted it first ... then fill the form  When school closes, let's play football again ....
  On the one hand, the teachers have an environmental experiment. How many efforts should be made to develop the school by increasing the number of teachers? On the other hand, the government has brought such absurd rules.  That even if not a single child from the whole village goes to the private sector, the number will not be 45 out of 6 to 8.  If we count all the children in a small village, there are barely 10 children ... Even in this, if a child is admitted in a model school, some children will continue to go there..the school will be locked in the final way ...  Bringing a new rule like gas subsidy will also be shouted and the naive public will be misled and schools will be turned towards privatization.  It will be ours .... and it will be fun to give the government a solution against the demands in an arbitrary manner .. the burden will also be reduced ... if it is killed, government employees ... sir .... flow  Lee tak ... should do cake ... will be ready to enjoy the rest of the food ... there was a time ... if you retire, you will be recruited immediately ... now you don't have to think ....
    4200, Hra, ... monghvari .... etc. By not having money in the treasury ... is given heartily 6 ... has the headline of the news 6 or the government ... GST's revenue exceeds 1 lakh crore.  ..
Inflation has been cut. Do employees not feel inflation ???  Gas bottle reached 825 ... so why does gst slab feel 18 and 28% ... so ... employees also feel 6 ... and ... 5 years have passed and no one talks about hra ..  ..Even after the seventh punch, the teacher is still there ... First, the excuse of covid the fixed salary policy .... Such a thing has to be done ....  Sorry sir
           In direct contact with the government, you are a gentleman, so ... I will talk to your ears, if it seems appropriate ... you will take appropriate steps after deliberation ... request ....
   Your faithful teacher ....
       Thank you Vandan Saheb

Employees can no longer be sent to Gandhinagar for higher pay scale


Mass promotion for children of standard 1 and 8

Mass promotion for children of standard 1 and 8



Mass promotion for children of standard 1 and 8

Banaskantha district is named after the river "Banas" which flows from Dhebar Lake on the Udaipur mountain in Rajasthan.  Palanpur is the district headquarters.  The old name of Palanpur was Prahladanpur or it got its name from King Prahlaldev.  From the 14th century until independence, Palanpur was ruled by the Muslim rulers of Zalor.  The last king of this place, Nawab Shri Taleh Muhammad Khan, became the ruler in the year 1918.  Banaskantha district is considered as a backward area.  Agriculture is water dependent and there is no industrial establishment in the district.  Shri LP Dave was the first District Judge of Banaskantha District and his tenure was from 29-09-1948 to 31-05-1950.

Tomorrow was the polling day of Taluka Panchayat District Panchayat General Election 2031. I was working with one or two of my Deputy Mamlatdar friends at our Receipt Dispatching Center Amarsinhji High School in Wankaner.  There is an order in Patawala in the election but his health has been bad since last night. And my father used to say that work in the election is compulsory. So I have come to perform the duty of Patawala on behalf of my father. Make me an identity card.
This is what the girl did. Then one of our Deputy Mamlatdar friends asked the girl that Ben you are educated. Then the girl said that sir I am in the last year of CA (Chartered Accountant) ...
We were stunned for a few moments..then the girl took her identity card to perform the election duty as a pawnbroker on behalf of her father and went to the polling station where her father was on duty as a pawnbroker ..
Tears came out of my eyes for a while and I was also proud of the father who has this daughter ..... Salutations to such daughters ....

Mass promotion for children of standard 1 and 8






Important Link

Download Circular Sami Taluka Patan : Click Here

List of items required for election operations during 2 days.

1. Order of election,
2. Certificate of election operation,
3. A pair of clothes,
4. Blue, red, black pen,
5. Mobile charger,
6. Shawls, sheets, blankets, bedding
7. Small bottle of sanitizer,
8. Glasses if eye number
9. Air-filled Oshiku,
10. Toothpaste, brush,
11. Shaving kit,
12. Oil, comb,
13. small mirror,
14. Bottle of water,
15. Dry breakfast,
16. Necessary money,
17. Towels, napkins,
18. Good Night / Odomos,
19. Paper soap,
20. spoon.

Happy Birthday Ahmedabad:

Ahmedabad is my favorite city of fun
Ahmedabad is a city of Albeli population
This city of yours and mine is Ahmedabad
Everyone loves this city Ahmedabad

In her hand is a piece of mehndi rice
Carving of Sidi Syed
Kankaria Lake glows with light
Its ray nose does not carry
Manekchok became his heartbeat
C G Road Man Bani Mahek
On the horn of the vehicle to Miloni Siren
It becomes a sound

Meher Ahmedabad is of Bhaddarkali
Eat and drink Lilalher Ahmedabad
This city of yours and mine is Ahmedabad
Everyone loves this city Ahmedabad

Looks great on Google's site
But small enough to fit in the heart
The arrangement of High Rise Buildings is as follows
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring

Twelve doors, dera, mansion
No pictures of living nails
Just the first visit to the kettle
Find friends forever

Ahmedabad is a city of new colors
Ahmedabad, the city of flying kites
This city of yours and mine is Ahmedabad
Everyone loves this city Ahmedabad

This city is in Biodata
Degree like IIM, NID, CEPT
Fashion, Textile or Computer
No matter how hard it seems
Let's go to the open agaci of ISRO
So the moon seems to have now
Let's ride in BRTS
Future also seems handy

Ahmedabad is a city of gold and silver
Ahmedabad is the city of freedom
This city of yours and mine is Ahmedabad
Everyone loves this city Ahmedabad

Happy Birthday my Amdavad

The farmer is ruined ...

My grandfather had a total of 70 bighas of land ... there are so many markets all year round, he just eats and rejoices and if it rains, there will be a few more seasons .... not a single help will come .... hard to eat  That was the situation

At present there are 4 divisions, so there are 17 divisions ... Currently, there is no special farming for 2 lakh seasons this year, most of the time, even if we give it to someone else, one insurance comes in the rest of the year, if there is more or less rain.  ..... Government will pay Rs. 6000 for the remaining honorarium fund ... 1 ... 1.5 lakh will be insured ... Chief Minister has given Rs. 12000 for assistance .... Peanuts 1200 are being sold .... Drug pumps ..  Orni's other weapons help a lot like this .... Many others don't even fill the form ... Due to laziness, not all the brothers have been given land in their name yet, they pay the remaining 24000 installment ...






The bigger the goal, the bigger the path and the more obstacles will come.  Normal self-confidence is not a very high level of self-confidence.  There was disappointment even for a moment, while the goal would be difficult and far away.

  If man's true companion and anyone who can handle him in every situation, then he is confident.  Self-confidence gathers all our scattered consciousness and energy towards the goal.

  Spiritual weakness comes from being more dependent on others.  Also, small obstacles come that distract you in the moment.  Trust yourself  There is nothing in the world that is greater than your resolve.


It is very easy to evaluate one's actions but it is very difficult to do those tasks yourself.  Our biggest problem is that we are not satisfied with the work done by others and we do not want to work ourselves.  We easily deny anyone's work that this work should not have happened.  It would have been better if we had done it this way.

  Often we fall behind in life because we are so busy meddling in the lives of others that there is no time to take our life forward and think about it.
  Removal is not a big deal, but it is a big thing to show and cooperate with that work yourself.  Do you ever think that before assessing and criticizing a person, are you perfect in yourself?

Nobody sees your eyes.
  Every person is saying that time is bad!

A fire burns him who goes to him, but anger burns itself.  If you hand readers on the ground, you will get hurt first.  The anger makes others suffer, first hurting themselves.

  Even if you have strength and have the ability to take revenge from your opponent, forgive him, because anger is very bad.  If you abandon anger and say what you want to say peacefully, then half of the problems will be solved automatically, for which you are restless.

  What is the greatness in this that you take revenge on the evil doer.  Even an ant can do this.  The big one is the one who empowers his enemies.  Look at the earth, you dig it and it produces food instead.  When you press the sugarcane, sweet juice drips from it.

   The one who harms you is poor, weak, cowardly, because only weak souls harm others.  Forgive these poor people, it is no bravery to wield a sword on the blind.  You can be happy for a few hours on revenge, but the pleasure you will get by forgiving will last for a long time.