NISHTHA Shikshak Talim DIET Principal, Lecturer and School Inspector Dwara Monitoring karva Babat GCERT no letter


NISHTHA Shikshak Talim DIET Principal, Lecturer and School Inspector Dwara Monitoring karva Babat GCERT no letter



Nishtha Talim for teachers: There are many questions in the scope of this question. The first question is what is training? The second question is what is the difference between education and training? The third question may be that if, like other fields, it is accepted to update itself with the changing times, to adapt to new ideas and new technologies, then training for teachers, teacher trainers working in the education sector. What a utility. What is the contribution of training in the field of education?

The purpose of the training is to focus on the knowledge, skills and attitudes (knowledge, skill and attitude) of an individual or group. Knowledge focuses on building a broad understanding of the concepts of a particular field. Like if we talk about the philosophy of education, how does it involve learning? How do children learn? How does adult learning differ from children’s learning? How is knowledge formed? Focuses on various aspects like how a concept takes shape in our minds. Nishtha Talim full explanation detail.

1One thing that can be said about knowledge is that it is something that changes over time. From the research and discussions taking place in a particular field, new aspects of different dimensions of a field come before us. According to which we have to update ourselves. For example, a few years ago, in the field of education, teacher knowledge was considered as a source, the importance is given to the fact that children learn from the teacher. Due to this the teacher had a central place in all the methods of teaching. But as various researches in the field of educational psychology, philosophy and education and its findings came before the people, the way was opened for change in this concept as well.

Nishtha Talim  For Teachers:

Rousseau had said that the child is the fundamental creator of his knowledge. This idea is still given much importance in the field of education. A child learns by himself, the acceptance of this concept created a new perspective that sees teachers as facilitators. Due to this, in the training in the field of education, it was repeated again and again that the teacher should see himself as a facilitator and give the children an opportunity to participate equally in the dialogue that takes place in the classroom. They encourage children to ask questions and try to find answers to their questions together with people and by themselves.


A new idea is slowly gaining acceptance. Skill development is needed to learn the right way to do a task. If our view of an idea is full of doubt, then perhaps we cannot give our hundred percent. Training in the field of education tries to find a solution to these problems. For example, training focused on leadership prepares a headmaster to lead the organization better, whereas training focused on language equips a language teacher with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach his / her subject well. Is.


Finally two things
Keeping the above in mind, it can be said that training has an important role in the field of education. This is the reason why there is talk of teacher training from time to time. However many teachers complain that teachers complain about such workshops that they do not get to learn anything new. The same thing is repeated over and over again. The case is two-side

NISHTHA Shikshak Talim DIET Principal, Lecturer and School Inspector Dwara Monitoring karva Babat GCERT no letter

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