How can more than one student take the exam on the same phone?


WhatsApp based exam

How can more than one student take the exam on the same phone?

How to register more than one child from one parent for the exam in one phone?  Its information

Practical video.



Whatsapp aadharit pariksha ek karta vadhu vidhyarthi add karva.

   And meditation is also there in you, so there is a need to just add your attention to your name and the name appears in you.  The name is nothing but the word of Chaitanya in pure form and the word appears in silence, then silence is also in you, outside is just noise.

  It is important to find silence within yourself, because there is true peace in silence.  In this peaceful environment of silence, you are familiar with your inner word - you are familiar with your name, this is the true name which is only yours and this is the form of the Param Purush inside you.  The manifestation of the inner word is the mercy of Dayal.  Then you and Dayal are one and now there is no poetry, no difference.  In this way, you are first in front of each other - this is the introduction, then you are absorbed and you become detached from the world.  This inclusion fills you with the joy of true salvation.

Now you - you are not just a name - a true name.  In this way you become familiar with the word, the name and your reality, this is your reality.
    In this way, an organism discovers its inner silence and becomes familiar with its name, which is its ideal identity, and in this way, the organism gets acquainted with the truth and gets acquainted with the truth, is absorbed in it and becomes a true form.
    So the name is not derived from anywhere but is earned - in its own inner silence.


Purusharth also makes the impossible possible.  It is as true that the efforts of success definitely open with effort.  It is equally true that there are always many obstacles and obstacles between man's efforts and success.

   Disruptions and obstacles in life also dilute the hardest and hardest resolve.  In this situation, the thing that is needed most is patience.  Patience is the ray of hope that teaches us to maintain continuity even in adverse situations.

   Therefore, it is necessary to make effort for desired results in life, as well as patience.  No purpose is impossible if the purpose is pure, effort is made and patience is limitless.
Surpati Das ISKCON

How can more than one student take the exam on the same phone?

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