Remember- "You know the" work "," wrong or right "you do is just a matter of identification because as soon as you do" wrong act "or bring wrong idea to your mind immediately.  The difference tells you that it is wrong. Don't ... "right", then no "hint" comes, I think "you are going fine" ..

Remember - "As much as we do to make the" body "look" beautiful ", if we try to make the mind beautiful, then we will definitely feel" happy peace "around us

Remember - "Do your work yourself because whether or not a work will be completed in time on the basis of others, it will be said that similar problems will not remain ..

It is not enough to listen to the truth, but it is also important to choose the truth.  It is one thing to discuss the truth and it is one thing to become a nurse of the truth.  Welfare does not occur only by the creation of the ornament of ideals, be it in the form of ideal behavior, and welfare is certain.
Will the sweetness dissolve in the mouth just by remembering the sugar candy?  Mishri will have to be tasted.  Thirst is extinguished only when cold water comes down in the throat.  However, there is such a divine glory in the name of God that he is capable of doing welfare even with remembrance.
Lord Rama and Krishna are sitting in every house and heart till date because they have brought down the ideals, values ​​in their lives.  The most effective teaching in the world is the one that is delivered from life, not with the tongue.  Do not love the truth, I would say that love becomes the truth of your life.

Yes your bank is closed 15th and 18th two days off


  Your bank which did not close at the time of opening Garib Jandhan's account
Plan to open zero balance accounts of poor people from village to village in which there were heaps of accounts day and night without seeing all those accounts opened in government banks only in no private banks ... remember that day your bank was running

  Your bank which did not close in the nightmare of banknote ban
I remember the line at 8 in the morning was not missing till 9 o'clock at night, black money was not found but the memory of those black days still frightens the bank employee in dreams ... but the bank was still running in those days

  Your bank was not closed even during the hard times of Corona
Do you remember ???  ... at a time when no one was willing to go out: on that day your bank was running at the risk of your life for the purpose of providing basic services to you

  Alas, your bank was not closed even during floods, hurricanes and earthquakes
Remember that the government bank has been constantly working to provide its services in the shortest possible time during all the natural or artificial tragedies ....

  So why close for 3 days?

Deposits of thousands of crores of rupees of you and many others like you who have deposited in government banks with a belief that this bank is a government is the government's belief that the government is going to sell it to private businessmen and privatize government banks.  The bank is closed to protect your deposit and your services

  Is the strike in the interest of the workers

No ... Government employees are employed after passing the examination, so their terms of employment are decided from the beginning which cannot be changed, that is why the government says from time to time that * Bank privatization will not affect the employees * ...  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  That is why * all the bank employees have joined the strike by deducting their salaries * The rest of the employees have to do the pending work of these two days on the third day !!

  A request  ... This strike is not a pay hike to tell the public the truth that private businessmen who have been slapped with crores of rupees in the past should not sell the government bank in their hands and hurt the backbone of India's economy, blind decisions of the government  Points to


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