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What is a municipality?  Information about the functions, powers and responsibilities of the municipality.

As part of the decentralization of power, the 7th and 8th amendments to the constitution have established local self-governing bodies such as villages, talukas, district panchayats as well as municipalities and corporations.

  There is a constitutional provision to divide the power and give power to autonomous bodies at the local level so that the people do not have to go to the upper office for small work.

  Municipalities and panchayats are there to provide maximum services to the people but as citizens we are being treated unfairly because we do not know the laws.

'EDUSAFAR' Whatsapp group works to spread legal awareness in which we will try to know about the municipality today.

* What is a municipality? *

A municipality is an organization of local self-government for the people, by the people, for the urban / tine area.

  The municipality has a certain extent and the people living in it come under the scope of that local administration.

  The municipality mainly deals with the basic needs of the people starting from the development of the city, in return the municipality collects various taxes from the people.

In the year 19, the 7th amendment was made in the constitution and the 16th part was added in the constitution to provide for Nagar Panchayat, Nagarpalika, Mahanagarpalika.

  As per the provisions of the constitution, municipalities have been formed as per Gujarat Municipalities Act-19 in which a city with a population of 15 thousand to five lakhs is considered a municipality.

The number of members of the municipality ranges from nine to fifteen.

  The elected members of the municipality take oath before the Collector.

One of the elected members of the municipality becomes the president who is considered the chairman of the NPA.

* Municipal Duties *

* 1) Mandatory duties of the municipality: *

  Mandatory functions of the municipality include public hygiene and health,

Road maintenance and repair work,

  As well as building roads,

  Providing clean drinking water to the people,

  Arranging public street lights,

  System of primary education,

To perform civil safety and defense functions,

  To prevent food adulteration,

Dispose of dead animals,

  Registration of births, deaths and marriages,

Protect against natural disasters as well as manage health

  When it comes to the mandatory responsibility of the municipality

* 4) Mandatory duties of the municipality: *

  To build sports grounds in the discretionary functions of the municipality,

  To make gardens,

  Public baths,

  Public urinals,

  Public jajru,

  To erect and maintain a cemetery,

To create libraries as well as libraries,

  Establishing secondary schools,

Building a townhall,

  Arranging rainwater disposal,

Public transport system,

Create vegetable markets

It is a discretionary duty to do welfare work for the people, including entertainment.

* What is the source of income of the municipality? *

The municipality generates revenue from various types of taxes to perform compulsory and compulsory functions for the welfare of the people.

  1) Water tax,

2) house tax,

2) vehicle tax,

2) Taxes on building and land,

2) Entertaining

  6) Shop tax

2) Hotel tax

2) Cleaning tax

2) Income from licenses issued for various businesses or occupations

10) Rent income of houses / shops / vegetable markets etc. of the organization or trust

  11) Various grants received from the government

12) Interest earned on the municipality's own savings

  12) Financial assistance from institutions like World Bank

12) Rent of town hall or ground etc.

12) There are all types of income like income from marriage or birth / death registration fee etc.

* Municipal Main Committees *

* 1) Executive Committee: *

  The executive committee has all the powers related to the administrative as well as financial revenue and expenditure of the municipality.

The elected members are members of this committee.

  The Executive Committee decides on works relating to public development and public welfare.

* 2) Water Committee: *

  An elected member is its chairman and the committee is to manage water as required for all residential, industrial, as well as commercial purposes.

  Provides free water for religious ceremonies, gatherings, festivals, etc. in the area, including providing tap connections, canceling tap connections.

* 4) Town Planning Committee: *

  To take action on town planning scheme as well as work related to cut lands, development of government lands etc.

* 3) Health and Sanitation Committee: *

  This committee is appointed for health as well as sanitation facilities in the municipal area.

2) Apart from this

Public Works Committee,

  Town Primary Education Committee

  As well as the lighting committee,

  Recovery Committee,

  Assessment committee

Etc. are formed.

* Functions of Municipal Chief Officer *

With regard to the administration of the municipalities of the district, the provisions regarding the control of Gujarat Municipalities Act 13 are to be followed.

Apart from that, the implementation of the relevant laws in the municipalities also includes guidance to the municipalities in the policies and legal matters of the government, annual administrative inspection of the municipalities and supervision and control over the functions of the chief officer.

  Thus, the DMO office acts as the administrative controller for the municipalities of the district.

* Annual administrative inspection of municipalities. *

Supervision and control over the operations of the chief officers of the municipalities.

To inspect and monitor under section 6 of Gujarat Municipal Act-13.

To take action regarding suspension of resolutions eligible for review under section 4 of Gujarat Municipal Act 13 and section 2-B of Town Planning Act.

Maintaining service book of Chief Officers,

  Granting leave,

  Assigning a charge,

Provide training,

  To send a report to the Director seeking clarification on irregularities.

To take action regarding sending the reports of the Vigilance Commission to the Government / Director.

To carry out other operations as per the orders and instructions of the Director, Municipalities, Gandhinagar.


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