Leo ... Diwali has come.  Last year's survey disappointments, failures, discrepancies are all thrown away and Diwali is celebrated with new hope, enthusiasm and communication of consciousness.  Diwali glitter and throbbing can be seen everywhere in the house, town and market.  All get involved in the preparations for the Diwali celebrations.

      Cleaning, shopping, new clothes, sweets, it all starts when Diwali comes.  Home cleaning begins months ago.  Utensils are removed from gardeners and toddlers.  Bronze, brass, aluminum and steel utensils should be rubbed on the banks of rivers, lakes or wells.  Women's fair jammed in places like river, lake, well etc.  Mango pickles are used to clean utensils.  The sun's rays glisten on the brightly lit vessels on the banks of the river.  As if the rays of the sun's rays form!  From these worn-out utensils, gardeners, toddlers and watering cans adorn the house.

        On the occasion of Diwali, special dishes like sweets and sweets were made at home.  The work of making these dishes started months in advance.  Help the young and the old in this work.  Knead the flour with an iron spatula.  This process makes the sweets soft and fluffy and increases the sweetness.  All around help each other.  A spirit of harmony and cooperation is seen.  They are also allowed to taste each other at home.

Even new clothes are bought.  The auspicious moment of this new pair happens on the day of the sitting year.  Today, most of the time we are seen buying clothes for twelve months.  There was a time when clothes were bought for weddings and Diwali.  The joy of buying new clothes and wearing them in a luxurious year was something different.

Today, almost everything is ready-made.  Then there is the dish or the clothes.  Earlier, the preparations for Diwali used to give a sense of bliss to the mind.  Not tired of it but Rajipo would be relieved to do something by himself.  Yet Diwali means Diwali!  Even if the way of celebrating it changes, the joy of the heart and the joy of the mind are the same.

The window sill of our house is a pigeon house.  Pigeons always nest right here.  In this way, pigeons keep coming and going in our house.  Our home is a sanctuary for that.  Come and go as easily as a family member.  Ghadik sits, moves and looks around.  He behaves as if he is a relative of the house.  We all like the way it works.  The fluttering of its wings made our ears accustomed to it.

How even an abolitionist can recognize us.  This lamb can read the price of compassion in our eyes.  It became common for this pigeon to come and stay in the house.  We should be aware of each and every activity.  As soon as we realize the sense of security with us, lightly start building that nest.  However, its nest stinks a lot.  It makes the house dirty.  But we all take this.  She and I love each other's company.

We all keep an eye on its wreath.  Lay eggs in a few days.  Let's all be happy to see the eggs.  It feels as if a grandson is about to arrive.  Its eggs do not fall off;  Also, make sure that it does not explode.  Let's take care of the birth of a daughter.  As the days go by, everyone's curiosity grows.

We all rejoiced when we heard the chirping of a baby in its nest.  The children of the house are amazed to see their cubs.  Kids love to hang out, play.  Let's also add water to the pigeon.  All his services are taken care of.  As the chicks get older over time.  At one point the pigeons left the nest and flew away.  We feel the loss of a relative.  But we were confident that a pigeon would come on the shelf again.


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