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D.El.Ed Admission Advertisement

Start Date - End Date
27/06/2019 10:00 am
06/07/2019 23:59 pm

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12th Std pass with 50%
Reserve candi. 45%

Age limit : 24 years
Reservation rules applicable for others.

From: Vivek Joshi.

At the end of the therapeutic work of standard 2, very few children have not reached the potential. Seeing one child does not go along with the garbage. Many schools have been started in many schools by the noble effort of Shishri, BRC Shri, CRC friends and canines. Now there is a need for some hard work. In some schools, the work is done even after 5 to 10 days of duration. At the SMC and the village's aware citizens, retired teachers etc., we can conclude our incomplete treatment of well-connected couple of years. It is appealing to all the teachers and teachers that starting a new session with the incomplete work last year does not seem to fit our work. Still, the school does not have the duration of the work, and the details of the duration should be written to CRC. Send this message to all the teachers, teachers.

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