Honor the Gandhinagar today on 19/10/2019.  Dr.  In the presence of Rao Saheb (Secretary Shri Gujarat State Primary Education) and Director of Primary Education, Shri Joshi Saheb, the questions regarding the (Online Administrative Operations) software held at the Directorate of Primary Education and the information about the new update and website are updated.  All the details of the training were given in detail below.

(1) Full form of sas .. School administration services
(2) 32000 schools will do all the activities connected with this operation online
(3) With this software, 4000 types of data can be obtained from school and teachers
(4) In the future, there will be unnecessary fields that will be deleted eg.  Non-compulsory children's box ...
(5) Replacement and recruitment programs will also be organized on the basis of this data so that it is very important that the data be filled at the basic level.
(6) It is necessary to verify salary and teachers' details from school, pay center and taluka level so that no one gets less or more salary as well as get monthly leaflet and payroll both online and manual.
(7) Within the next two months all work will be done online with pay and the manual will be closed.
(8) Validate the teacher profile details with the service book by 20-11-19 so that internal and district fair changes will be made on the basis of this in the future if the correct details of seniority are required to be updated.
(9) So far the command control level has been 24139 compliant with 24017 solved.  122 The reason why the Complain is pending is because the Complaint friends could not fully explain the details.  CCC (Command Control Center) is working from the target of the end-of-life command.
(10) The Principal and Pay Centre Principal of all schools shall show their salary bank account details in the Kantijanshi account
(11) A login detail showing the teacher details shows yes in the permit
(12) Pay center will be able to go to login from other school only from its own login and from there logout, direct will come into its own login ... Go to option ...
(13) If the teacher's information is locked in the school login, only the teacher can login and can see his / her name in the salary data so the information will have to be locked.
(14) Full pay can be cpf / gpf and fixed means officiating.
(15) Displaying 0 until the cpf number is reached
(16) Fix will be considered until full pay order is received.  When the command is displayed, display the full name and the name will appear in the cpf option
(17) After locking the teacher profile, if you want to make any correction, you can only unlock from the Complain and then you will have to re-lock, then you will be able to re-appear in salary data and perform login.
(18) Name in the Teacher Profile (full name) in full name as per service book record as per the name of the bank account.
(19) If a new teacher arrives at the school, you can add and remove if changed ... The new teacher will be added only when deleted from the old school.
(20) The salary deduction is to be taken into the salary data
(21) Update any salary data that the school has to make ... Pay school is not up to date.  Yes, point out the error but also correct it to pass that error to the school
(22) When adding a teacher it cannot be added without the knowledge of the message which will go to that teacher.
(23) If saving a monthly leaflet does not save, then if a box is empty or if it is missing, then it will be saved after showing zero.
(24) Filling the Monthly Form on 1st November after the end of October.  Fill the October Monthly Sheet, fill out the September filled sheet and update the data and save the last time you save, then the October monthly sheet will automatically be filled.
(25) The print option of the monthly leaflet will also be deleted at the coming time as it will remain in soft copy ... Currently printed. The monthly sheet should be filled on the first of every month.
(26) The payroll can be started from the date of school login by the 16th day and if the pay school is completed by 25 and in the taluka by 30, the next time will also be payable on the first date.
(27) If there is an improvement in salary then do it first and then save the salary data after adding new months.
(28) Salary of Special Principal Saved Data After Save Value Added cpf Salary So save and save the data of the next gpf teachers lastly kantijnshi .. It shows 25 - 25 in Principal 50 and the rest teachers.  Will come .. In the account of the Principal .... Salary and Contingency will be deposited in different amounts so that the income will be deducted from the tax.  Count friends show in other, it is a mistake to fix it ... If the star shows in the rank of salary teachers, pay center will think that there is no improvement in salary ... salary will be true only when the teacher profile is filled in correctly.  Once again Verify ... It is very important to study the Sas module completely ... the basic teacher details which the teacher will fill in if the details are incorrect.  You will be able to verify the data once it becomes too serious for new.
(29) If the pay data is in error then re-submit after rejection from pay school ... Once the pay center will approve all the school salary data will be approved from the taluka and then submit it again.
(30) Old month's salary will not improve
(31) The pay center approves the salary but will not amend it but rather make the improvement at a lower level.
(31) You will also be able to apply for leave in any way from the teacher login as well as the TADA ... Salary payment will also be done through this software so there is no scope for error. Fill the information on the basis of the correct and accurate correct record.  See ..
(32) This (School administration services) will work to get your higher pay standard time ... will eliminate the losers ... ease the responsibility of all of us ... save time and make good use of the time left.  We are honoring the Secretary of Education, Dr., for providing the best and wonderful kind of software that will be followed by the children in the school classes.  We will be grateful to Vinod Rao Saheb ...
(33) The online arrangement will be applicable as shown above for the next two months.
(34) School .. Pay School ... Taluk Nodal and District Nodal Channel Streaming and Communicating ... Conducting Taluk level level workshops for teachers at the base if needed.
(35) The htat teachers are shown in their profile only the administrative work on the subject they teach, which is to improve and to show yes if present in the school.
(36) Showing the date calendar calendar with date details and going beyond the tab key and selecting the first year month and last date. If you go beyond tab, auto retirement date will come.
(37) To Compile Any Complaint To Be Completed From The Completion Box Given ... Calling As A Member Citizen If Calls From The Ccc Command & Control Center  No .. There are also our own brothers sitting in the center ... We should have respectable behavior in respect of all. They try to solve our problems till seven o'clock and end of the.  It solves all the questions so when the call comes in, talk about it .. It will be more fun if you work in two to three windows in Sas software.  This is the latest site .. The time to come is a bright opportunity for our teachers so let's all embrace and enjoy this software with our hearts and minds and we will simplify our work.

Thanks again to Pankaj Barot Mo on behalf of all the teachers of Gujarat for giving Diwali gift of such a blessing to Sas Software, Gujarat State Primary Education Secretary Shri Dr. Rao Saheb and his team.  9428769709 (Deputy Teacher) Vratakgarh Village Pvt. School, Ta-baid, District - Thank you from the heart of Aravalli.


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