DAHOD Dist Digital HD Map Pdf Download


DAHOD Dist Digital HD Map Pdf Download

Dahod District Taluka Maps:

Dahod District :Download

Dahod City:Download

Dahod Devgadh baria:Download

Dahod Dhanpur:Download

Dahod Fatepura:Download

Dahod Garbada:Download

Dahod Limkheda:Download

Dahod Sanjeli:Download

Dahod Zalod:Download

Covering a total area of 3646.1 sq km, the district of Dohad was created in 1997. Surrounded by Vadodara, Jhabua and Banswara districts, it was formerly a part of the Pancmahal district. Situated on the eastern part of Gujarat, the district has seven Talukas. Also the place is intersected by Anas, Panam, Macchan, Kali rivers.
Lying between Vadodara and Ahmedabad, Dohad is believed to be the birthplace of King Aurangazeb. The district is linked with all the states of India through its wide network of railways, road and airways.
Dohad is predominantly an agricultural region. Its prime share of revenue comes from the agri-based products and output. However, the place is rapidly moving towards a fully developed industrial phase. The nearby towns like Jhalod, Limadi and Satarampur procure various essential items from this district.
Dohad, with a literacy rate of 45.65%, houses several educational institutes of repute. With an expanding literacy ratio, Dohad has started housing many medical, technical and general institutions as wel.
DAHOD Dist Digital HD Map Pdf Download

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