Circular and Word file regarding preparation of "School Hygiene Action Plan" under WASH in School Program


Circular and Word file regarding preparation of "School Hygiene Action Plan" under WASH in School Program




Every area has a boundary in life and the encroachment of the boundary becomes the cause of destruction of life.  Excess of nectar also becomes poison and if consumed in moderation, poison also becomes nectar.

So our mystics gave the formula that - most universally ..
Food is very important for health, but if the same food is taken in excess of that quantity then it also becomes the cause of our ill health.  Milk is considered nectar but due to excessive consumption, the same nectar like milk also becomes a poison for the body.

Equality is the makeup of life, so equity becomes essential for the beauty enhancement of life.  If anger is also done at the border then it also becomes beneficial and if peace exceeds the limit then it also becomes detrimental.  Moreover, other scriptures have even said that there should be no foolishness in life, but there should not be too much knowledge and tact.  Because where there is a lot of knowledge, he will definitely give birth to the poison of ego like Ravana.

There were two major reasons for the great destruction of Mahabharata and that one goddess Draupadi was speaking more than required and one Bhishmipithama took over silence.  One made unnecessary sound arrows, and one remained unmutely silent and transgressed their boundaries.

It is not good for rain nor for sunshine.
Do not speak well of the extreme.

Whenever there is an encroachment of the border in life, then a new tension and a new disturbance will also be born.

Samyak knowledge, Samyak Vani, Samyak Silence, Samyak Rage, Samyak Shanti, Samyak Humor and Samyak Sight.  This is the formula for complete enjoyment of life.

Avoiding excess is also a way to avoid bad speed in life.

Tolerance, dedication and silence increase both your utility and value.  Milk, curd, buttermilk, butter and ghee, despite being the transformed form of the same thing, all have different values ​​because the superiority comes not from birth but from their actions, behavior and qualities.  Ghee heats, surrenders and even tolerates the heat of fire, so it becomes useful and valuable.

if someone uttered harsh words, tolerated it.  If someone did not give due respect, he tolerated it and if there was no work done according to your wish, then it is the name of tolerance.  Just as a jeweler slices gold before it makes any valuable jewelery, heats and beats it in the fire, but gold never resists despite suffering so many blows, but remains in the jeweler's raja,  Is called surrender.

  To stay away from any debate without reason, do not try to prove your superiority over the matter and listen a lot, listen to everyone, but only when it is necessary, to speak a right voice, this is called silence.  By wearing these three qualities in life, a person becomes great.

  Lord Krishna, who was born in prison, one day is seen as a Dwarkadhish from the point of view of Agarpujya and despite being the suzerain of Swarnagarni, Aaj Tak Ravana is seen with a ridiculous and bad attitude.  That means the value is not of your clan, gotra, family but your qualities.  Whatever is good, it is also valuable.


Circular and Word file regarding preparation of "School Hygiene Action Plan" under WASH in School Program

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