Home Learning 16 to 31 December Std.1 to Std.12



Home Learning 16 to 31 December Std.1 to Std.12

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State President Gujarat requests HTAT PRINCIPAL to remove this injustice. In the 4200 grade pay movement, HTAT was made a victim. (1)
If HTAT NE ONLY TEACHER is counted then what is the point of giving special exam ??
(2) What is the meaning of responsibility if 4400 is not received and the salary scale of the same general teacher is received ??
(3) What is the reason for being deprived of higher grade till now ???
(4) Deprived of higher grades due to which the Moghwari difference etc. was also found to be less ??
(5) What about working on vacation ??
(6) HTAT SCHOOLE comes in lockdown every day for one year. Assistant comes on ten or fifteen days in a month. What to do ???
(7) If Htat Acharya is obliged to work for 24 hours, put him back in the teacher, give him a higher grade with interest and release him from the responsibility. Greetings to all H. Tat friends.  It is in our hands to strike a fatal blow. We are the ones who collect the fees and give them to the union. Now we have all the friends of the fee boycott. Weapons of all the friends.  It is in our hands. All the friends decide whether he raises our question, pay him a fee, boycott the other. This question will be solved only if we know who is with us.  So let's say hello to the miracle. Let's decide and show the miracle. Conflict is the only way to find the truth. That's why I am talking to HTAT friends.  Our question hu  This is the only way for the union to know how strong H-TAT is. 10000 TAT principals can deposit 100000 teachers or boycott. Let's try this weapon too. H-TAT  Strengthen the Sangh, you have a lot of strength, do not underestimate your strength,
Hello friends
Today all of a sudden the video of the president of the union has started coming.  Let them all know that if you are very passionate about htat interest then the picket will continue.  And if the dharna of our state teachers' union starts from the 15th, then the program will be given accordingly.
The question of htat is still the same.  After a group of people became active, all the people started releasing the video again
Send this message to all groups and alert htat

Home Learning 16 to 31 December Std.1 to Std.12

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