How to add changed teachers in SAS


How to add changed teachers in SAS


How to add changed teachers in SAS
The killing spree changed
Internal change
District change

Below is an explanation of how to add and remove all changing teachers

Do I have to resign or retire to go from upper primary school to high school?
       If anyone has a circular on this matter, please send it immediately.
     Some of our primary teachers are due to receive orders tomorrow.  If a circular of dismissal is received, they do not have to pay a month's notice to resign.  All I know is that if you don't want to resign, if you don't want to resign, if you don't want to come again, you can come again.
Take the order of that high school in hand and don't write anything in the mustar of the primary school for two days ,,,, don't sign ,,,, everything should be done only after taking the order of high school ,,,

Which of the following is true of 'invitation' and 'invitation'?  Ancient Sanskrit etymology distinguishes between the two meanings.  Invitations are usually for a meal, which can be declined.  The invitation is not rejected, it must be accepted.  The invitation was a prayer to be present on the occasion of Yajna or Shraddha and its rejection was ungodly.  Now keep this in mind when you get the wedding 'invitation leaflet' and another thing: the invitation is for those who have it, while the invitation is given to those who are away.

Is currently out ,,,,,, support 8/12 otherwise 7/12 will not come out

I don't have the support of my father's name right now 7/12 I want to see who takes my land ,,,, I am the son of a farmer I don't cultivate but I know everything I know   I know that turning on the engine is the equivalent of an hour's workout at the gym.

Talking directly, farming is not a profitable business, it is a matter of 10000%, I know ,,,, so what to do to make it profitable ????  Looking to do something new, Grandpa Adam, if we do it in the way that has been happening since time immemorial, it is certain that there will be no profitable business, no trust in the government, no support, no support ...

It is clear that farming will become a profitable business only if the corporate comes, value addition will be done, it will become a profitable business in the crop, it will be a profitable business only if you sell peanut butter directly, if there is investment in agriculture.  Only then will it be possible and for that the corporate company needs to do so in this business.

I don't see any problem in the remaining 3 new laws of agriculture   Curry sell your item ... both options are open sell whatever you want.  Not all the laws made in the parliament are perfect. There are amendments in it from time to time. It may be that even in this law, there are some major lapses in which your land has to be written.

  If you call farming a business, then your business is waiting for the help of others and not waiting for subsidies, then it will not turn for hours, whether it is the BJP government or the Congress.  When it comes to farming, there is always talk of Israeli farming, where a farmer grows vegetables or fruits on the farm.  Becomes ,,,

Yes, become a vote bank and keep on agitating and keep on doing donkey labor

If you know something about agriculture, go to the farm and go to Naka Wadia in winter and if you have seen all the pages of the 3 bills about agriculture, come back to tear down the wrong letter.

The National Federation of Education Gujarat had launched an online agitation even during the Koro period to get 4200 grade pay for the teachers working in the District Panchayats and Corporations of Gujarat.  A letter was written by the All India National Federation of Educational Delhi to stop any new condition from being introduced ... An unusual phenomenon
The National Federation of Education is very thankful to the Gujarat Central Organization

How to add changed teachers in SAS

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