Now keep your own video of Capricorn solstice in status


Now keep your own video of Capricorn solstice in status


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Importance of Capricorn.
Sun worship has been important since ancient times.  The word 'kite' is used for the sun in the Rig Veda, the oldest scripture in the world.  Aryasuryatattva has been worshiped since ancient times.  Many mantras related to the sun are also received during the Vedas.  According to the ancient scriptures, the sun has been demanded to bring welfare and remove evil, poverty and disease.  The Sun entering Capricorn is called Capricorn.  According to astrology, sun worship has a special significance in this Sankranti.  As the sun enters Capricorn the kamurata is completed and the lagnadi manglik deeds begin.  Due to the special significance of Makarsankranti, in the Mahabharata period, Bhishma chose to leave the body during Makarsankranti.

Makar Sankrati is also a festival to worship and respect Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.  This is considered to be the ideal time for those who want to achieve life's goals.

Capricorn is an important time, a time of change, abandonment of the old and adoption of the new.  At this time in Gujarat, scattered cereals and sesame sweets, deficit items are made and donated.  In Gujarat, on this day, wheat, millet or sorghum are left to make kheechado. There is a belief among Gujaratis that feeding kheechado to sisters, daughters and others gives virtue. In addition, cows are fed by threshing wheat.

In other parts of India, on this day, the owner gives food, clothes and money to his servants as a gift. On the day after Makarsankranti, animals, especially cows, are also remembered.  It is considered inappropriate to travel, as this is a day of family reunion and dedication to the family. On this day, the Guru blesses his disciples.

  The crop begins to fly

Spring also begins on this day and this festival is celebrated all over India in the form of the joy of the arrival of the harvest.  The monsoon crop has been harvested and the rabi (spring) crop is floating in the fields.  Mustard flowers in the field look captivating.

  Cultural significance of Uttarayan

This festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated in different states of India according to their local customs.  In South India, this festival is celebrated in the form of Pongal.  In North India it is called Lohdi, Khichdi Parva, Patangotsav etc.  In Central India it is called Sankranti.  Makar Sankrati is also known as Uttarayan, Maghi, Khichdi etc.

  Sesame-jaggery laddu and dish

Due to the very low temperature in the winter season, diseases and illnesses enter the body quickly, so a dessert or dish made of jaggery and sesame is made on this day.  Is also eaten and shared.  It contains heat generating nutrients as well as beneficial nutrients for the body.  Khichdi is sacrificed on this day in North India.  Prasad of Gol-Tal, Revadi, Ghazak is distributed.

Bathing, charity and worship

It is said that on this day Surya abandoned his anger towards his son Shanidev and came to his house.  Therefore, by bathing, donating, worshiping etc. in the holy river on this day, the virtue is multiplied a thousand times.  On this day a fair is held in Gangasagar.  From this day Malmas also ends and a new auspicious month begins so that people start well with charity.  This day is considered as happiness and prosperity.

  Kite Festival

This festival is also known as the Kite Festival.  The main reason behind flying a kite is to spend a few hours in the sun.  This time is cold and in this season the morning sun light is beneficial for the body and extremely beneficial for the skin as well as the bones.  So along with the festival, there is also the benefit of health.

  The beginning of a good day

Lord Krishna also shows in the Gita the importance of Uttarayan and says that in the auspicious period of 6 months of Uttarayan when Suryadev Uttarayana takes place and the earth remains luminous, abandoning the body in this light does not lead to rebirth.  Such people attain Brahman.  This was the reason why Bhishma Pitamah did not abandon the body until the sun set.

Historical fact

According to Hindu scriptures, the day of the gods begins with Makar Sankrati.  Which lasts for six months.  In the Mahabharata period, Bhishma Pitamah chose the day of Makar Sankrati to give up his body.  On the day of Makar Sankranti itself, Gangaji walked after Bhagirathi, passed through Kapil Muni's ashram and met Sagar.  Maharaj Bhagirathi offered tarpan to his ancestors on this day so a fair is held in Gangasagar on the day of Makar Sankrati.
Now keep your own video of Capricorn solstice in status

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