Touch Training Today's Video Sairam Dave Special A celebration of adolescence


Touch Training Today's Video Sairam Dave Special A celebration of adolescence



In today's video, very important things are said by Sairam Dave which every teacher should understand and listen to.

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Maya, created by God, tells the Brahman that which is true, and the object which is false, tells it to be true.  We world believe this world to be true.

Falsehood does not mean falsehood.  The meaning of falsehood is that there is change, which is erasing, which is changing.  That which is going to end in this sense is a misnomer.

The world is false, change is modesty These are the world and lastly perishable.  Brahma is the truth.  It is immutable, it is indestructible, it is indestructible.  Maya tells the truth to the false and does not allow affection in what is true.

Darshana Sankalpa means achieving half the goal.  The more often our decisions change, the more our success will be affected.
Resolution has great power.  On the strength of the resolution, the bridge could be established on the sea by the apes.  The Pandavas could win the war of Mahabharata only on the strength of resolve
  If the resolution is auspicious, superior and visible, then there is nothing that cannot be achieved.  Whatever creation has been done on this earth by great people, it is not only due to favorable circumstances but due to strong determination power.

We do not become weak because of slavery, but weakness makes us slaves.  The name of being in control of others is not slavery but not being self-controlled, this is great slavery.
Slavery does not mean that you are acting on the will of others, but that you are acting reluctantly.
Slavery does not mean physical bondage but ideological subjugation.
In no case should your best ideas be encroached upon, this is freedom.
The mood changes the way of living,
Someone was imprisoned outside the cage,
Someone also lived free inside the cage.


The truth is that iron can be cut from iron and stone can be broken by stone itself.  But no matter how hard the heart is, a hard speech can never be effective to melt it because it can melt only and only with soft speech.
Anger cannot be won by anger, it can be won by realization.  Fire is not extinguished by fire, it is extinguished by water.  Wise people handle the biggest deteriorating situations by speaking two words of love.
Keep abstinence in every situation, moderation can save you from tribulations.  If there is shame in your eyes and speech is soft, then understanding the ultimate happiness is not far from you.

When the words are misused,
We have seen that the words are also often broken.

Touch Training Today's Video Sairam Dave Special A celebration of adolescence

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