B.R.C.  And C.R.C.  Coordinator's online training at DIKSHA


B.R.C.  And C.R.C.  Coordinator's online training at DIKSHA




Yogastha: Kurukarmāni Sangam Tyaktva Dhananjaya.
Siddhaya Siddhayo: Samo Bhootva Samtavam Yoga Uchchayate!

What is the means of yoga in our practical life or how to add yoga in practical life?  The best answer cannot be found anywhere other than these formulas of the Gita.
  The practice of sitting in a cave and in the temples is not yoga.  In our lives, we do our actions with so much superiority, with so much cleanliness, this is just yoga.  Geeta ji says that you should not be proud of the receipt of something and do not feel sad when someone is left.

  Even if you get success, keep an eye on the ground and if you fail, then the ground does not start to tremble from under the feet.  In both the situations, there is only one feeling.  This equality is only yoga.


Kama, anger and greed are the three biggest inhibitors of the Bhakti path.

Kami, rage greedy, do not have devotion.
Do some devotion, no caste, but total khoya.

Kami - A creature surrounded by desires can never do devotion to God.  If it grows on the path of devotion too, then there will be less devotion in its devotion and more demand.  Devotion is the name of the journey to become fruitless.

If devotion is successful, then it destroys all worldly desires and if the desire is fulfilled, it destroys all devotion.

Anger - Anger is a sign of a person's ego and where there is arrogance, how can Onkar stop.  Wrath also leads to cruelty and anger also gives rise to cruelty.  Bhakti is the name of the vital emptiness of life.

Greedy - The greedy person seems to be a devotee from outside, but if his eye is also closed, it will not be for the samadhi but will be locked in the greed of the fish like a heron.

He will pray but thanks in his prayers and not the wishes of others, but an imperfection, a desire and selfishness will be contained.

Where there is selfishness except for the ultimate, the penetration of devotion is not possible.

If someone does devotion, the caste clan is lost.

In spite of all this, where the character is a force, where there is a force of non-grace, where there is a force of truth, where there is a force of purity and charitable force.  Where there is only a strong feeling of "Siya Ram Maya Sab Jag" rising above caste, clan, creed, and sect, the same devotional queen is also inhabited.

B.R.C.  And C.R.C.  Coordinator's online training at DIKSHA

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