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Three speeds of money are described in āstra.  First consumption, second use and third destruction.  Earn the means of happiness as much as you want with money.  Use the remaining money in creation work, good works, good work.  If you are not able to do this, then understand that your money is going to perish.

The misuse of wealth is the destruction of wealth and the misuse of wealth is also its destruction.  The world does not remember you because you have a lot of money, but because you remember that you have a big mind and you do not just earn but also immerse yourself when needed.

Another big contradiction with wealth is that whenever you are engaged in accumulating wealth, then your value in the society also decreases.  And whenever you work to put it into good works, then you are considered very valuable in society.

Therefore, accumulation of wealth reduces your value and proper utilization of money increases your value.

Listen carefully to one 10 minute and another 4 minute clip that went viral on social media.  This 14-minute conversation tells a lot to the parents of the daughter and the society.  This dialogue sounds more like a warning bell to society than a joke.

Motiben of a girl who is still engaged talks to the boy's father for the first 10 minutes and then to the boy's mom for 4 minutes.  Many friends must have heard the audio clip of this conversation.  The main point was that after the engagement, the boy gave the girl a MI smart phone as a gift, but the girl's sister says, "This is a very ordinary company's mobile. You should give a phone from another good company."  My sister was thinking of iPhone but she got MI's phone.  If Annie's friends ask her which phone your fianc gave you?  So what does the girl answer?  She has to look down on her friends and lose her dignity. '

Will our reputation be judged on the basis of mobile?  If that is the case, then why not consider dignitaries like Dr. Kalam, Ratan Tata etc. without dignity?  Because they use and do normal mobile.  Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about a mobile phone.  If there are still such expectations at the time of engagement, then what happens after marriage?  The girl's sister also said that 'whatever my sister touches in our house, she should be present for it.'  We must fulfill the desires of our children, but the children should also be made to experience that they can live life happily even without certain things, so that they can survive in the opposite situation.

The disease, which is getting worse day by day, is affecting many lives and families.

God knows who is right and who is wrong, but such a union cannot reach Dwarka, so the decision of the boy's family to break off the engagement is the right decision in my opinion. The answer given by the boy's mother in this 14-minute conversation introduces the nobility and culture of his family.  Is.  The boy's mother says, "There will be other big demands in the future which we are not capable of fulfilling, so let's end the relationship here and we will join hands and pray to God to find a rich father-in-law who will satisfy all the needs of your sister so that she will be happy."

Instead of forwarding this audio clip to others, we need to learn something from it.  We need to educate our children as well as give them the understanding that marital success and sweetness depend not only on convenience but also on understanding.

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