Important link to view Gujarat Municipal Corporation election results,


Important link to view Gujarat Municipal Corporation election results

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Important link to view Gujarat Municipal Corporation election results,

Ganga Gangeti Yo Brewery Plan
Muchite sate papabhyo vishnulokam sagachhate.

In today's holy day, Mother Ganga was incarnated on this planet from Brahma Loka by Raja Bhagiratha through his hard tenacity and effort.

come!  Today, in the story of incarnation on the Ganges, we try to find some important sources of life.

Purusharth also makes impossible, not one, but history has provided examples of this in many places.

Purushartha, Patience and Success, Maa Ganga Avataran Katha gives us these three important sutras.

It is as true that the efforts of success definitely open with effort.  It is equally true that there are always many obstacles and obstacles between man's efforts and success.

Obstacles and obstacles in life also dilute the hardest and hardest resolve.  In this situation, the thing that is needed most is patience.  Patience is the ray of hope that teaches us to maintain continuity even in adverse situations.

Therefore, it is necessary to make effort for desired results in life, as well as patience.

Ganga can also be brought to earth if the purpose is pure, effort is made and patience is limitless.

Vishnupadi Tripathgamini, the descent of Mother Ganga on the earth, the day of the holy festival of Ganga Saptami * Wishing you all the best and congratulations!


Satguru ji says don't make your heart small, never think that you are alone for a single moment or you are being ignored or nobody is looking after you, you are getting every help from God and Satguru.  is
What you need, but sometimes the weight of karma is so much that sometimes because of it we have to go through our body and mental sorrows or out of much trouble, but believe in the circumstances you are going through,
That is the way to take you towards Satguruji and will take you in front of them ... The soul has to go through a furnace of fire to make gold ... Never think of God as wrong ... God is to blame  Does not give
Or does not hurt anyone's feelings.  that
God knows how weak the creature is, and what troubles it is going through, if there is any soul's grief, it is the grief of that Satguru, please face your life courageously and believe in Satguruji, times change.
It remains… every person is living with this hope, under which conditions are you going… Satguru knows it well!
... you keep doing your work and leave it to the desire of Satguruji and wait for the grace of Satguruji with love .... and keep doing bhajan simran ji !!

  Come… tears in my eyes again and again I do not know how to hide love….  The world asks… what is the relationship with “Guruji”  But I do not know how to tell.

Important link to view Gujarat Municipal Corporation election results,

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