planning for the "Twinning of School" program Babat letter.


planning for the "Twinning of School" program Babat letter.



Path is more important in life than position.  That is why getting remanded, but never forgetting.  To become disoriented means to abandon the path that leads us to the heights of life through the path of truth and policy.

Being depraved means the subject of footsteps moving towards the limitless possibilities of life - getting stuck in the swamp of lusts.  Living in the absence of a great goal is only disrespect to this human body achieved by God and nothing else.

The path to the door of greatness passes only through humanity.  Service to humanity is the greatest religion and worship.  Mankind has to abandon the path to be abandoned.

Apparently: Any thing in the world is the way we want to see them.

The great philosopher J. Krishnamurthy ji said a beautiful thing that "to see something as it is, it is one of the most difficult things in the world because our hearts and minds are very complex and we have instinctively  Lost it."

Within Sri Krishna, Kansa began to see his time and Shishupala as his enemy, within the same Shri Krishna, Uddhav was seen as his friend and the Pandavas were seen as his best friend.

Mahatma Vidur, who taught Duryodhana the lesson of policy, and Shri Krishna, who came with the message of peace, started to appear devious, then Shakuni, who always turned religion with his deviousness, and his brother who always supported him in injustice, was seen as his best friend

The notoriety of human life, the hypocritical behavior of the human mind, and the disguise of human nature make his life complicated and uncomfortable.  The complexity of life simply means that we evaluate something as it really is, not according to the way we are ourselves.

The summation of these internal disorders of the human mind is possible only through satsang and Sad Granth.  Learn to give place to satsang and sada scriptures in life so that the elimination of your glands and you can get a new vision.

planning for the "Twinning of School" program Babat letter.

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