Students will not be harmed in the standard 3 to 8 diagnostic test


Students will not be harmed in the standard 3 to 8 diagnostic test



Day Glory 08/01 About Mr. Stephen Hawking Combining Relativity And Quantum Theory

January 8th Special

Mr. Stephen Hawking The world's greatest astronomer, physicist and famous writer Mr. Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford, England.  His scientific research includes an understanding of the "black hole" he met with Roger Penrose, information on the radiation emitted from the black hole, what is known as "Hawking radiation", and support for the Big Bang Theory.  / ‘Theory of Cosmology’.  From this principle comes the understanding of the origin of everything in the universe.  / Mr. Stephen Hawking visited India in 2001.  His scientific works include Hawking Radiation, Penerose Hawking Theorem, Beckentain-Hawking Formula, Hawking Energy, Gibbons-Hawking, Anstze, Gibbons Hawking Effect etc.  His first book, A Brief History of Time: Chrome Big - Bang to Black Holes, published in 1998, sold more than a million copies.  This is the first time that so many copies of a book on science have been sold.

What is the number of NPS holders in Gujarat ..? 2.5 lakh ..!

If there are 2.5 lakh employees, what should be the number of employees in Gujarat State Employees Federation's telegram group Team OPS Gujarat ..?

  All NPS holders need to join this group ..!  Because this group is not for any jokes, poetry or entertainment but to re-launch the old pension scheme which can be called the economic stick (support) of old age ..!

We have seen many cases where the employees of the old pension scheme are living their lives comfortably without any support after retirement ..! Because .. the old pension scheme ..!

In which with the benefits of medical, every six months, the inflation rate increases, the pension of those who can increase their life after retirement ..!

As mentioned above, we may not be able to live a post-retirement life like the employees if a new stock market based pension scheme continues ..!

That is why it is necessary to have an old pension plan to live a self-respecting life after retirement ..!

That is why it is necessary for all the employees to join and only after that if any program is given, it can be noted as far as Delhi ..!

Students will not be harmed in the standard 3 to 8 diagnostic test

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