Take a look at the news that all the primary schools in the state have been asked to do in the morning time


Take a look at the news that all the primary schools in the state have been asked to do in the morning time



Seeing the terror of Gujarat's coaching mafia product marketing after P.I's paper, it seemed that only P.I's paper setter knew.  And now the merit setter is also feeling the same. Merit prediction is also starting to happen.

Some product managers even went live in such a way that it seemed as if they were not revealing sensations like match commentary and crime patrol.  He used to do product marketing by making match commentary in such a way that every ball has a hitting point ..)

Plenty of Chanakya has been seen for the last three days.  There isn't a single organization that hasn't     There are also organizations that say this all the time (just for the sake of appearances). We never do marketing.  And be at the forefront of marketing.

There are many who have been taught thousands of hours by individuals, districts, some even one-page topics by making them my subject and say that these 5 questions were asked from our material or video ....

Some do marketing like constitution, culture, history as if it is its founder.  And his ancestors must have told him this knowledge only in his ears.  And the one who has brought his mood not to be in the frame has become his father.

At two o'clock in the night, people are fulfilling their targets by depriving the boys of sleep. And without such people, they have been seen traveling all over the district without money.  And says "" "I saw you said this will come" "" "" ...... so he speaks 15 times in each video ......

In some of the questions asked on the topic of Mathematics, she assumed the degree of Ramanujan of Mathematics. Does Ella ask only what is in the syllabus or not?  Is it any wonder that you become the master of the subject and teach it?  The limit is now.

Who may never meet the target of the given topic in the syllabus.  And others may have gone out to complete the syllabus.  He has made the topic a topic to fulfill his personal (2) target.  The target of students' lives has been shattered.  Pulling out a small topic lengthens the tension and completes hundreds of hours.  It's like preparing a thesis on a topic or getting a PHD.

Some products just want to keep you educated for the rest of your life.  Whether you like it or not.  The seller of the product should walk ... he should not stop getting his goods from this ... study life time.  There is nothing else you can do in life.  Doing the same thing.  I don't know how many more these people will bring to improve their lives.

Some business mafias have even exaggerated "self-aggrandizement" this year.

The limit is even when we never do marketing, and start marketing.  And doing plays to make others look good.

Now I feel like a loser..not by tweeting the Gujarat government site or CMO tomorrow morning.  I saw the information of this scheme .. I saw how useful my content is.  What a source of work I am.

Now the only wait is for GPSC to tweet and say that I have given the syllabus and asked from this. There was not a single question outside of it.

I'm just wondering if I will get my chance in this paper.  Not only the managers of these coaching mafias will take 20 to 20 seats.

This is also a changing trend in marketing.  Earlier, it was done by advertising in newspapers or selling leaflets.  Magazines then do this by putting photos in the banner board.  Now this match is spreading sensation like commentary and crime patrol.

Vinod Rao, Primary Education is currently in the scorching heat of summer. Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Director of All Primary Schools in the state and many other areas have been asked to make drinking time in the morning since April.  Is.  Various district associations have been introduced to keep the school hours in the morning.  According to the statement made to the Union through the presentation, Satish Patel has proposed to keep the time of primary schools in the morning with Jadeja and the General Secretary considering the Gujarat fire, Korona epidemic, children coming from the hinterland State Primary Teachers area and Union President Digvijay Singh.  Education Minister Bhupendrasinh It is noteworthy here that in Kutch district II ASRITAT surfactata 1, Chudasama, Education Secretary Dr.  The temperature stays at 40 to 5 degrees.  R2812 biżufc right union,

Take a look at the news that all the primary schools in the state have been asked to do in the morning time

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