There will be a large recruitment of teachers in the state of Gujarat


There will be a large recruitment of teachers in the state of Gujarat



The meaning of Upasana is: where one has to sit on someone and think about these things in someone's house, think about these things, meditate on these things.  These are the fundamental questions of life where they should be pierced like an arrow!
So why not worship somewhere?
Does worship have no value whatsoever?  Is the price?
What is considered worship has no value.

What is so-called worship?  Went to the temple, rang the bell quickly, slammed the head in front of the stone idol, ran!  How many times have you done this, what happened?  Worshiping stones became stones.  Naturally, those whom we worship will become like that.
Just think of worship because choose what worship means, it will be determinative.  Someone is worshiping Peepal tree, it is called worship.  Someone made a stone idol, worshiping it.  Someone is worshiping the scriptures!  Someone, something ...!

  Find live flame, find a Buddha somewhere, search for it.  Find a place somewhere, search for it;  Wherever there has been awakening, where it has been in the morning, relate to it, make bridges.  The name of that type of relationship is discipleship.  And if the connection is connected to any aspect of light then worship.

If there is value then why protest?
There is no opposition at all.  There is opposition to wrong coins.  And the wrong coins look just like the right coins;  Therefore you will have to protest, do it again and again, otherwise how will the wrong and right coin be identified?

  There are no two people in the world whose views are 100 percent similar.  There is a difference or conflict of views somewhere.
  This is because the rites of all people's previous lives are not the same.  Everyone's desires are not the same.  Everyone's level of intelligence, ie IQ level is not the same, etc. Due to reasons, there is a difference in everyone's thoughts.  There is a difference in everyone's interest.  Everyone's actions also vary.  Still we have to deal with each other.

We explain our things to others, others explain their things to us.  In this whole system, when one person honestly explains his point to another person and the other person also wants to understand it honestly, then he accepts the first person's point.

And when there is no honesty in the other person, obstinacy, selfishness, ignorance etc. is the fault, then no matter how much you understand it, he does not understand you.  And he does not listen to you.
  Then he fights, grieves himself and also hurts others.  Therefore, those who come in contact with you, recognize all those people, among them who are intelligent and truthful, treat such people.  And stay away from obstinate dishonest people.

There will be a large recruitment of teachers in the state of Gujarat

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