Important letter regarding unit test of April 2021.


Important letter regarding unit test of April 2021.



What is TP?  Must read !!!

TP means an area of ​​approximately 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer is called TP (Town Planning).

A total of 12 facilities are provided within a TP.

1 playground.
2 gardens.
3 parking facilities.
4 vegetable market.
5 Government schools.
6 Government Hospitals.
7 Library.
8 community halls.
9 Open Party Plots.
Peace jug for 10 elders.
11 swimming pools.
12 public toilet boxes.

     In addition to this, keeping in view the surrounding TP, there should be a fire station at some distance so that the fire brigade can be reached in just 5 minutes in case of any fire.

As per the rule, there should be 1 fire station in an area with a population of 100,000 lakhs.

   After reading all this, it is necessary to consider whether the TP of your area has all these facilities or not, because every citizen pays taxes and does not pay installments.
Every citizen should be aware .....

Pls ask person who is coming for VOTE from Municipal corporation

Every evening a man comes out as a corpse,
-Bodi then felt sad and agitated.

Our understanding is just a game of closed locks,
How many ages have passed but where is the key still found?

Getting soaked in a name you like means,
Lapsi roti in the palm of the hand burns blindly.

Will come ... came ... after Kaink Zurapa,
Waiting for the wet time to come.

If you listen, I will tell the story of love letters,
A hidden pain swells and creeps inside.

Important letter regarding unit test of April 2021.

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