In the month of April For students of Std. 3 to 8 Matter of postponing periodical test Circular dated 22-4-2021


In the month of April For students of Std. 3 to 8 Matter of postponing periodical test Circular dated 22-4-2021



* In the month of April * For students of Std. 3 to 8 * Matter of postponing periodical test *
Circular dated 22-4-2021

Unpopular Opinion:

Ever since the third wave of Corona started, a trend has started ... to give a term to the government.  To a large extent, the government is eating away at the term ... but somewhere or other we should also ask ourselves questions ....

Question 1:
If the government holds rallies in the elections, should we start or stop the sit-ins, weddings, parties after the cases are reduced?

Question 2:
The government decided to fill the stadium ... so if we only knew that crowds would increase the corona ... then avoided buying tickets?  Where did our intellect go then?
Alas, many of us took permission from 'work from home' in the office and then went to watch the match at that time !!

Question 3:

How many of us have started to 'count home' when the corona is getting lighter?  How many people postponed a birthday party?  How many people avoided going to restaurants?

Question 4:
Election has come ... Leaders have called off the rallies ... We knew the danger .. So why did we join the rally?  For 100 rupees?  For chewing gum?

Question 5:
A little lighter ... Abu or Udaipur ran?  Or did the government push me?

Counting the sins of others does not diminish our sins.

So what happened now ... be alert again ... run away from Corona again.

Note: The 'we' mentioned above includes 'I'.

That is, no one should teach.

March 20 World Sparrow Day
વચ્ચે વચ્ચે Sparrow between concrete forests and modern system became 'homeless'
In today's modern age, the sparrow chirping in the yard is currently struggling for its existence.  The number of sparrows against the species of cockroach is decreasing day by day.  Which has become a matter of concern.    If we do not make efforts to save the sparrow in the present time, then it will not be a surprise if the future generation can only see the sparrow in the textbooks.

️ ️ In the past, house pipes and roof wall clocks and sparrow nests were also tied behind the photo image.  Sparrows can no longer build nests in new buildings with roofs.  The chirping of the sparrow is also heard less now.
Ar Sparrows are now on the verge of extinction.  So now it is very important to save the sparrow.

Ever since humans and sparrows came in contact with each other, sparrows have been accustomed to living with humans.  But human nature has changed today against the nature of the sparrow.  And that is why it is now necessary to save the endangered sparrow.
Every year on 20th is celebrated as World Sparrow Day.
️ This year the theme of World Takli Day is * I LOVE SPPROW *.  It is very important that there is awareness among the people about cockroaches.

Nowadays living among these concrete forests has become difficult for abolitionist creatures.  Sparrows are disappearing from the city due to pollution, noise, spraying of chemicals in the fields, radiation from mobile towers.  Not only domestic birds but also cuckoos, crows and parrots are declining in the city.  Sparrows are endangered.

The number of sparrows decreases day by day.  Sparrows that used to be seen in large numbers in villages and cities are now disappearing.  Due to changing human lifestyles, urbanization, roofs instead of native pipes, pollution, new settlements, tall mobile towers, etc., sparrows are now rarely seen.  In earlier times humans and sparrows lived together in the same house.

Given the current urbanization situation, the sparrow is very much disturbed in the rearing of its young.  Back then nature also deprived us of the natural gift of building a nest.  So, now every human being can arrange a nest for us in the house as per the convenience of his home, be it wood or even clay. This is our painful appeal.  That is what the sparrows are telling us now.

Sp In order to protect the sparrows, everyone should make a nest for the cockroach in the yard or the sparrow builds a nest in the metaphorical cockroach houses for the cockroach.  Can lay eggs and raise chicks.  Arrangements should be made to ensure that the sparrow does not damage the house in the rainy sun shade and that cats or other birds do not harm the eggs or chicks in it.

Sp Sparrow chirping Now it is necessary to try to hear the sound of chirping in people's homes again.  If we are to inherit the next generation, we need to teach the wildlife and the environment.  If we don't do this, in the future these wildlife will only be enough in photos and textbooks. So let's make an effort together to save this wildlife and Let's Sparrow

In Ahmedabad,

1. How will the cricketers go back to the hotel?
2. Curfew starts at 9 pm.
3. The match will end at 11 p.m.
4. Will sit in the stadium until 6 in the morning?
5. Or will the law be broken?
6. Will the system take action against them if they break the law?
7. And if they have been issued a special curfew-pass, is cricket considered an essential service?
8. If cricket is considered as an essential service, is any citizen of the city entitled to play night cricket during curfew?
9. If any cricket-loving citizen is entitled to play night cricket during curfew, where should he get the curfew-pass?
10. And if there is no provision for such curfew-pass ...

In the month of April For students of Std. 3 to 8 Matter of postponing periodical test Circular dated 22-4-2021

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