Staff quarters matter for primary and secondary teachers


Staff quarters matter for primary and secondary teachers


To avoid the mess of utterance, say less - Speak of work and do each task with full caution.  Although the fault is human nature.  Less than anyone is more than anyone, however, it is a bigger mistake to resort to lies to hide a mistake.  Do not hide the fault, but correct the mistake.

When you try to hide a mistake by resorting to lies, you also reduce the chances of improvement.  If you get used to lying once, then you will find it very difficult to tell the truth.

Try to avoid falsehood and try to avoid the truth which becomes the cause of suffering for anyone.  The truth that becomes a cause of shame to someone and a reason for self-aggression is also not auspicious.

2110 - Galileo discovers Jupiter's fourth satellite, Callisto.

21606 - Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah defeats his third brother Kambakhsh in Hyderabad.
Bahadur Shah was first born on October 16, 19 in Burhanpur.  When the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb died on March 6, 1905, his eldest son, Mohammad Azam Shah, ascended the Mughal throne, but on June 15, 1908, Azam Shah was deposed and renamed after Prince Muazam, Bahadur Shah (I).  Became king.  .  He remained the Mughal emperor till his death (1609-17).  Bahadur Shah, also known as 'Prince Muazzam', was the second son of Emperor Aurangzeb.  Bahadur Shah I is also known as 'Shah Alam I'.

2118 - Rana of Udaipur concludes a treaty with Britain to protect Mewar.

215 - William Bryden, the only surviving member of the 12,500 British troops retreating from Kabul, arrives in Jalalabad.
The British entered Afghanistan from Quetta in the south on the 19th.  Initially, the British occupied cities like Kandahar, Ghazni and Kabul.  There, the British enriched Shah Shuja, a former contender for the Afghan throne, who had yet to hide in Kashmir and the Punjab.  But it did not remain popular and the people of Afghanistan looked like foreign puppets.
In 191, the Afghans revolted against the British in Kabul.  They besieged the fort, killing British soldiers.  In the early 19th century, the British surrendered.  At 12, he was given a safe exit.  Before Jalalabad reached the English hiding place and from the Afghan invasion almost all the people died and one person assistant surgeon William Bryden was able to return.  The incident caused fear in the British Army.

213 - Mexican-American War ends in California.

313 - Gaurishankar Udayashankar Ojha retires from the post of Chief Administrator of Bhavnagar State.
સમયમાંBhavnagar was the chief steward of the state in the pre-independence period.  In the last years of his life he took sannyas and built an ashram outside the city of Bhavnagar in the name of Sachchidananda Saraswati and lived a sannyasi life.

215 - Young people of Assam start publishing their literary magazine 'Jonaki'.
જો "Jonaki" was an Assamese language magazine published from Kolkata.  He was also the spokesperson of the Assamese Language Upliftment Association.  Its first editor was Chandrakumar Agarwal.

21410 - First public radio broadcast;  Live performances of the opera Cavalria Rustica and Pegliachi from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York are sent over the airwaves.

314- Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi started fasting till death to maintain Hindu-Muslim unity.

215 - Anti-Muslim riots break out in Calcutta, killing 100 people.

215 - Pune-Mumbai Shatabdi Express was started.

2006 - Britain's most notorious serial killer, Dr. Harold Shipman, is found dead in prison.
Harold Frederick Shipman was born on January 17th.
Known as Fred Shipman, he was an English general practitioner, considered one of the most famous serial killers in modern history.  On January 21, 2000, he was convicted of killing 12 patients under his care;  The total number of victims was about 50.  Shipman was sentenced to life in prison with the recommendation that he never be released.  H.M. of West Yorkshire.  He committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell at Prison Wakefield on January 12, 2006.

2012 - A passenger ship, the Costa Concordia, sinks off the coast of Italy.  Of the six passengers and crew, 12 were killed and some are still missing.

Staff quarters matter for primary and secondary teachers

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