Full details of teacher recruitment for 252 posts to be created by SSA


Full details of teacher recruitment for 252 posts to be created by SSA


ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી મેળવવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

  Winter is the season of boredom.  It is fun to eat salty bore.  There are many types of boreholes in the market.  Chani bore, desi bore, kashi bore etc. are some of the different types of bore.  Now you can see a bore the size of a lemon.

         How much Kate used to eat this bore when she was younger.  The Watrak-Meshwo river flows through our village.  Graze on the opposite side of the river.  In this pasture, small and large boards can be seen.  A group of friends crossed the river to get bored in this pasture.  Sometimes he would drop out of school and run away.  Sometimes he would get a bored leave from school, then he would turn red.  Our children's gang turned the whole thing upside down.
   The sweetness of breaking the sweet bore of the boards by hand was something juicy and anery.  Even after enduring the thorns of Bordi, the privilege of enjoying this sweetness is as fresh today as it is on the tongue.  At times, the eyes and hands would be pierced with thorns.  Enduring the pain of a thorn like to take a red spotted bore hidden in a swarm to the very depths of the board.  But the pain of this thorn sting against the sweetness of that bore would be forgotten nowhere.  Let's get bored and take it for home.  Filling the bore inside the shirt by inserting the shirt into the pants.  Sometimes even the pockets of shirts and pants were filled with bores.

         Many people from our village used to go to this pasture to graze cattle and goats.  When they came back after grazing cattle and goats, they would bring the bore.  We stood on the edge of the river in his footsteps.  Seeing dust dummies flying in the distance, they came to Gail.  Those people would come and give us a handful of bores.

       Sometimes a large board would arrive at a friend's farm to eat a bore.  A clever friend climbs on the board and shakes the branch and the bore falls down.  We all became impatient to weave bore.  And sometimes trying to bore with a stone or a small stick.  Some friends, like Arjun, were aimless.  Understand that when a stone is released, it is bored.  Sometimes the owner of the farm would come up and we would run away with our fists clenched.  All these memories with Bor and Bordi are just as thrilling today.

Now I have to go to a well-known bank for banking.  Destined to go through some instrumental documentary work.  Reached the bank and made necessary inquiries at different counters.  Then a female employee's voice came to my ears, "Are you Mr. Manishji? Wait, I'll take some forms."  She said politely, pointing to a chair to sit on.

She kept kicking.  From the gestures it seemed that the required forms were not being found.  She also tried to print forms.  Her efforts were ongoing.  "One second sir-mam" - it took a little longer, she said looking at us with a smiling face.  It seemed that despite her efforts the required forms were not being found.  After a while she looked at us from a distance and gestured with her fingers to wait for two-five minutes.  Even with a slow laugh.

More time was passing for whatever reason.  Which she was feeling sorry for.  Loyalty to the customer was constantly reflected in their efforts.  That's why they came to us with the necessary forms.  Put the finger where the signature was to be shown.  "Sir, what are you doing?"  - She started talking.  "I am a teacher" - I said.  "Yeah! You're a teacher! What the heck! Or what does she do?  "Yes, but mem sarpanch bhi hai."  "Yeah wow wow! Yeah soon ke to bahut achha laga. Mam, to phir aap ko to collector sahab etc ko milta padta hoga na."  One question after another the young bank employee was asking.  She talked a lot with my wife.  Many curious questions she asked.  He also said that he was from Delhi.  But he also said that he likes to work in Gujarat.

"Nice to meet you mam. And mam keep it. You're well going. And sir good job also done by you."  Really proud to see her dedication to work and customer oriented responsibility.  I was really pleased to see the young man of my country doing his job so responsibly

.Full details of teacher recruitment for 252 posts to be created by SSA

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