INS Vikramaditya Indian Navy This video is in 360 degrees which means we can change the side of the video


INS Vikramaditya  Indian Navy This video is in 360 degrees which means we can change the side of the video



INS Vikramaditya - The latest and largest ship of the Indian Navy

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally ....

    This video is in 360 degrees which means we can change the side of the video ...
- Try the flower screen
- When the scene of the ship comes, you can see the corners of the ship by turning your finger on the screen ...

In 10 Impact Educators from all over the world
Dilip Singh Vihol, a teacher from Mahadevpur Dabhala in Mehsana district, is among the top 10 teachers in the world.
Pride of Mehsana district
BIC CRISTAL PEN AWARD-2020 to 10 teachers of the world
The amount of the teacher's award is 3000 Euro dollars, i.e. Rs
  Donating to the school is an inspiration to others
The teacher is an ideal reader, an excellent thinker and a pious seeker.  The teacher always inspires the children.  The excellent work done by the teacher is noted in the society.  The teacher of Mahadevpur school in Vijapur taluka of Mehsana district has enhanced the dignity and pride of the teaching profession by receiving the world's BIC CRISTAL PEN AWARD-2020.
BIC Crystal Penn works to improve the living standards of education support communities as well as the education of more than 200 million children worldwide.  Every year the best teachers of the world are honored by this institute. 10 teachers of the world have been selected by this institute for the year 2020 out of which 10 teachers have been selected from India by teacher Dilip Singh Vihol of Mahadevpur (Dabhala) of Vijapur taluka of Mehsana district  There is talk.
BIC CRISTAL PEN AWARD-2020 has included Mr. Dilip Singh, a teacher from Mahadevpura (Dabhala), Vijapur Taluka, Mehsana District, among the 10 Impact Educators from all over the world.  -1, Ethiopia-1 Mr. Dilipsinh Vihol from India also received this award.
BIC is an organization that supports education.  It has long been committed to improving lives through education, supporting communities, and achieving the goal of improving the education of 20 million children globally by 205.
This award is given every year by BIC.  The award carries 5,000 euros and a trophy.  Mr. Dilip Singh, a Government Primary School teacher from Mahadevpura (Dabhala) has received this award for New Method of Learning. The amount of this award given by this teacher to Mahadevpura School is Rs.  Apart from this, another award of Rs 5,000 has been given to Dilip Singh for the development of Mahadevpura school.
The award supports school children, engages teachers and society as well as teaches daily curriculum and inspires their students to become better citizens by organizing inspirational stories and workshops. They combine education and technology to create literature to keep students engaged in education during epidemics.  As well as increased the confidence of parents and children.  Along with this the children are encouraged to use the educational materials arranged in different places in the school environment.  As well as efforts have been made to ensure that children get education instinctively while playing.  The teachers and villagers of the district have congratulated Dilip Singh for this unique achievement.  As well as District Development Officer Shri M.Y.  Southern, District Primary Education Officer Shri Dr.  Gaurangbhai Vyas, Deputy Primary Education Officer Pulkit Joshi provided guidance.  Dilip Singh has provided an example to the society as a noble teacher by donating all the money received in the award of Rs.

INS Vikramaditya  Indian Navy This video is in 360 degrees which means we can change the side of the video

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