mini lockdown ma chhutchhat babat samachar Gujarat state


mini lockdown ma chhutchhat babat samachar Gujarat state



Expecting others is like striking your abilities.  When you expect others to do something yourself, then your ability is affected.  And you miss being what you could be.

If the expectation is done to others, it is painful and if it is expected from oneself then it becomes a genius.  It is dishonest to expect from others.  The one who expects himself is just self-respecting.

Nobody's love in the world never diminishes, but our expectations are high.
The scriptures state that,

"Hope is the ultimate sorrow, the despair of happiness"

Expecting others is the ultimate sorrow, then what is the expectation for?  If you believe in your abilities, you are indeed a lot.


Everyone has to face some obstacles in life.  The personality of some is further blown away by those obstacles, and some get scared by the obstacles.  There is no shortage of those who cry for obstacles.  If there is life now then there will definitely be problems.

  We have to struggle more than the biggest obstacle.  No goal in the world is greater than one's resolve.  Obstacles do nothing, we are the ones to do it.
    Even before the problem is present, many people dominate it in their mind so much that they do not have enough discretion and thinking to solve it.  Their ability to make decisions is affected.  Smile and face every situation.

Conflict - With happiness.  With joy, calm mind, face every obstacle by trusting in the Lord, the solution is with you, just losing courage.

mini lockdown ma chhutchhat babat samachar Gujarat state

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