School of Excellence Program All the information of this program - very useful for every teacher and principal


School of Excellence Program All the information of this program - very useful for every teacher and principal



I was in surgery when his message came.  Many friends complain that I read messages too late.  I also read the government's message too late today.  I read the invitation from NHP (NATIONAL HEALTH PORTAL) to give the covid vaccine when the time for vaccination was about to expire.  I called the place written in the message, and the response was very happy, "Even if it's late, come on."

Thus, I have no other qualification than the title of 'Frontline Worker' given by the nation.  I have not fought a war by going to the border, nor have I made a name for the nation in any field.  I am an ordinary citizen earning for my family and seeking security in the country.

While going for the vaccine, I was constantly asked, "Do I really deserve this privilege from the nation?"  What national duties have I performed before the nation demanded this vaccine?  An arrogant man inside me was constantly telling me that the nation had not done you any favors by vaccinating you.  This is your right.  Every citizen has a right.

So on the other hand some thoughtful citizen inside me was telling me that before you demanded your rights from the government, what did you do for the nation?  Nimit, this star is not right.  This is the generosity shown by the nation.

As the vaccination process progressed, generosity and benevolence became stronger.  He greeted me warmly and cheerfully at the vaccination site.  Confirmed my name in the registration.  Be careful not to waste my time.

Although I am a doctor, he gave me a thorough understanding of the vaccine and its common side effects before administering the vaccine.  There was no disgust on the faces of the staff working there, there was excitement.  There was no gratitude, there was service.  There was no rudeness, there was humility.  Seeing his kindness and care, it really felt like 'My India is great.'

For the country, such a small injection for self and health is not at all painful compared to a soldier taking bullets at the border.  Believe me, more painful than the vaccine was how many people lost their lives before they got here.  I wish those people could have reached here.  I wish he had deleted the year 2020 altogether.  Many people work hard for a single dose of a seemingly normal vaccine.  Just paying taxes does not fulfill the national duty, the vaccine affects if there is gratitude for the nation.

Before I could get out of the vaccination room with the vaccine, another NHP message came to my mobile.  The name and phone number of the person giving me the vaccine, the date and time of giving the vaccine, everything reached me automatically.  Not only that, after 3 days, when the second dose is to be taken, a reminder message will come from the same portal saying, "Today is your turn for the second dose.  Get to this point now. '

This message comes from COWIN (COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network (CoWIN) app), an app developed by the Central Government.  He kept us under observation for 20 minutes after the vaccine was given.  Give a chair to sit on.  Stronger than the chair was the support and cooperation he gave.

When I left the vaccination hall after 20 minutes, I had no complaints.  Neither the vaccine, nor the nation.  Although I did it only recently on January 6, I decided to salute the national flag once again.

The importance of this country has never been realized before.  Many shortcomings of the administration have been removed.  Roads are not good, there is no infrastructure, there is a lot of dirt, there is no discipline and so on.  In a 'developing', 'secular' and democratic country with a population of 150 million, it has often been felt that no one cares about human values ​​and human lives.  No one knows or appreciates the 'cheap' lives that fly like horns.

But while writing today's experience, these letters on the computer screen seem blurry to me.  And the only reason for that is the favor done to me by this country called India today.  Vandemataram from an ordinary citizen for this generosity of the nation.

School of Excellence Program All the information of this program - very useful for every teacher and principal

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