See full information on how to register and login at SWAYAM PORTAL


See full information on how to register and login at SWAYAM PORTAL

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 See full information on how to register and login at SWAYAM PORTAL

The āstras have given three types of service. Man can serve the society in three ways.

Tanuja service or body service -
With our body we can serve the society in many ways.  If there is a social work going on somewhere, then you can join there and do any work according to your ability.

Watering a thirsty, transporting a helpless person to his destination, sometimes cleaning in a public place or planting a tree at least on time, all these services are social service for the whole body.  .

Finance service ie money service
Money plays an important role in any social or religious work.  Arrangement of water for drinking water, such as donating food grains - donating clothes.  Many services like providing free medical care, building free schools as well as organizing religious programs are possible only with money.

        Mansi Seva or Mind Service
Even in the inability of body and wealth, we can serve the society with mind.  Thinking of the interest of the society, proper counseling and always praising the people who are engaged in social service and strengthening their self-esteem is also a matter of human service.

At the same time, if you cannot do much, then praying to the Lord every day for the wish of all Mars is also your human service to the society.

One must get the good fortune to do social service according to the body, money or mind, whatever God has made you worthy.

        Substances do not give happiness, but gives charitable pleasure.  Understanding the truth, if there was happiness in substances, then those who have a repository of substances, they would be the happiest people in the world.  Bhagwat Granth never uses a word like 'Prashantma' to Vipra Sudama.

It is a general rule of this world that those who have money want to earn money in exchange for that thing and those who have money also want to earn money by giving money.

  It is clear that if one sees happiness in selling the substance, then another is happy to purchase the same substance.  While both are in confusion, permanent happiness is in the Bhagavad refugee and in renunciation.  Therefore, make your life a charitable litigant and not just a material plaintiff.


See full information on how to register and login at SWAYAM PORTAL

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