How many schools can the school merge with?


How many schools can the school merge with?



શાળામા કેટલી સંખ્યા હોય તો શાળા મર્જ થઈ શકે ?

Today's man does not fail to accuse even God.  On the strength of the intellect that God has given it wisdom, it wants to deny God itself.

It is often heard from the mouth of people that God also discriminates.  Gave so much to others, gave us nothing.  Happiness to others gave us so much sorrow.  In the Gita, God says that

"Samohan sarvabhuteshu namo dwaiseyosti na darling:
O Arjuna, I never discriminate anyone nor is any creature special to me.
          I have the potential to be everyone, but in spite of this, a person with good conduct, always engaged in religious rituals, serving my saints - Vaishnavas and loving me, becomes my favorite!


If all the farmers cultivate without this fertilizer for just one year, all the fertilizer companies will start begging, even if the production is reduced for one year, it will work.  Even a government with quality accounts will come to the fore and on the other hand if people get food without chemical fertilizers, the disease will be less.
Give these chemical fertilizers to every farmer for a year, then see what your strengths are and how much you need for the economy of the country.


Subject .. Matter of postponing periodic test planned in the month of April
Jai Bharat Saath According to the above topic, to write to you that today GCE.  Through RT Gandhinagar, a periodic test is planned in the month of April from 27.4.2021 in Std.  Children are also getting more corona. Thousands of teacher friends in Gujarat are in the throes of corona. Many children will also be infected.  A humble appeal to the District Union to make a result oriented presentation to postpone the periodic test for the month of April.

How many schools can the school merge with?

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