How will the result of standard 12 be?


How will the result of standard 12 be?

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ધો.12 પરિણામ નું પરિણામ કેવી રીતે તૈયાર થશે અહીંથી જુઓ..

Set the AC to 26+ degrees and turn on the fan. 

  Very useful information.

   Correct use of AC:

  During the next hot summer, let us follow the right path.

  Most people have a habit of running the AC at 20-22 degrees and when they feel cold, they cover their body with a blanket.  This causes double damage.

  Did you know that our body temperature is 35 degrees Celsius?  The body can easily tolerate temperatures ranging from 23 degrees to 39 degrees.  This is called human body temperature tolerance.

  When the temperature of the tome is low or high, the body reacts by sneezing, trembling, etc.

  When you run the AC at 19-20-21 degrees, the room temperature is much lower than the normal body temperature and it starts a process called hypothermia in the body which affects the blood circulation, through which there is no blood supply to some parts of the body.  .  Enough.  In the long run there are many disadvantages such as arthritis etc.

  Most of the time the sweat does not come on when the AC is on, so the toxins in the body cannot come out and in the long run there is a risk of many diseases like skin allergies or itching, high blood pressure etc.

  When you run the AC at such a low temperature, its compressor works continuously on a constant energy charge, even if it is 5 stars, consumes too much power and it blows money out of your pocket.

  What is the best way to run an AC?

  Set the temperature to 26 degrees or more.

  You get no benefit by first setting the temperature of the AC to 20 to 21 and then wrapping a sheet / thin quilt around you.

  It is always better to run the AC at 27+ degrees and slow down the fan.  28 plus degrees is better.

  This will consume less electricity and will also keep your body temperature in range and will not have any adverse effect on your health.

  Another advantage of this is that AC will consume less electricity, will also lower blood pressure on the brain and the savings will ultimately help reduce the effects of global warming.

  Assuming you save about 5 units per AC per day and run it at 26+ degrees and say another 10 lakh homes do the same as you, then we save 50,00,000 lakh units of electricity per day.

  At the regional level, these savings could be in the tens of millions of units per day.

  Please consider the above and do not run your AC below 27 degrees.  Keep your body and environment healthy.


How will the result of standard 12 be?

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