Education Secretary asked to prepare a report by visiting and asking for information from BRC coordinators to merge government Std. 1 to 8 schools.  Not only that, the state education department is leaning towards government schools.  Teva where the upper primary.  The education department has again haunted the primary schools of Std. Std. 1 to 8 by merging less than 5 students in Std. 6 to 8 next week.  If there is a ground level BRC co-operative and the education secretary of that school is within three kilometers, all the block resource coordinators to the education officer, if there is another school in Trijia, its coordinator i.e. BRC has to meet its commissioner and secretary and prepare lists.  .  In which the standard in the field of primary education has come.  A meeting has been ordered to be chaired by less than 20 secretaries in a class from 1st to 8th to prepare a report by visiting education next week.  There is a number of students of Covid-12 and for this reason all BRC coordinators are running all the academic years under their control of one kilometer around another school in the current year in the global epidemic.  In these two radii, it will be necessary to prepare an instruction report to prepare a list of other schools operating in the area not only in the year but also in the urban area.

Even before creation, there was God and in the end God will remain, then where did another one come from in the middle, so nectar is also the form of God and death is also the image of God.  Just as the offerings of Annakoot also contain rasgulla, gulab jamun etc. and fenugreek, bitter gourd etc. also means that sweet is also the prasad of God and bitter is also prasad of God.

   Just like the one who helps our mind, it is also the form of God and the one which does not help is also the form of God.  To receive water from the sun and then rain it - God does both these opposite actions and renunciation.

Not only this, there are also Gods who are taken in water, it is also God and it is also God.  No need to worry.  Our goal should be to do our welfare just by chanting the name of God.  All the work is done by the divine.
Surpati Das ISKCON

     As old as gold
  In the next 10-15 years, such a generation will leave the world.  After which there will be a lot of remorse.  It is bitter but true.

The people of this generation are completely different.
Going to bed early at night, waking up early in the morning, wandering in the dark in the morning
Those who water the flowers in the courtyard, those who pluck flowers for worship, those who worship daily and those who go to the temple every day ...
Those who talk a lot to those they meet on the road, those who ask for their happiness and sorrow, those who bow down with both hands, and those who do not eat without taking a bath.

Their different world .......... times of festival, guest, etiquette, grain, food, vegetable worries, pilgrimage, rituals and going back and forth of Sanatan Dharma ...

Those who are fascinated by the old phone's dowry, those who maintain the diary of the phone number, those who have a good conversation with the wrong number, those who read the current letters three or four times a day ...!

Those who always remember Ekadashi, those who remember Poonam and Amas, those who have great faith in God, those who fear society, those who wear old slippers, torn bundi and glasses with broken stalks ...... !!

In the summer season, those who make achar papad, use sweet spices at home, and always find vegetables like desi tomato, desi eggplant and desi methi ........!

Those who take care of it, those who fix it if the kandoi is removed, those who grind neem or acacia, and those who attach the tongue with a vegetable truck for one or two rupees ..... !!

Did you know

All of this is slowly leaving us and going away forever.

Is there anyone like that in your house?  If yes, then pay close attention to them .......!

Otherwise, an important Sikh will go with them .... It is a life full of contentment, a life of simplicity, an inspiring life, a life without confusion, a life of walking on the path of Dharma and Satmarg, a life of concern for all .....!

Respect the elders in your family, make them feel welcome and love them very much .........!

Sacrament only
Can prevent crime
Not  government .. !!

Teacher brother, sisters
     Let me tell you that many of our teacher friends go up and down the school.  So be very careful during the up and down. If possible, do not go up and down in different vehicles.  Friends who have come in contact with a family member or a coronary patient, or who suspect common symptoms, should avoid going to school on their own.  Friends often find out later that you and your family need to be safe.  Assume that everyone is infected with corona, follow the mask, sanitizer and distance.  Even if someone wants to help you now, you are very helpless ...


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