When will the result of standard 10 be declared and why watch online as there is no seat number


When will the result of standard 10 be declared and why watch online as there is no seat number



You may have seen overnight standing crops growing into helipads. If there is a government program, S.P.  I.S.  You may have seen many vehicles running on the road like this with the convoy of Sahit. Hey, remember Vibrant Gujarat, Swarnim Gujarat, there are heaps of planes at Ahmedabad airport and outside Mercedes BM, which is rented from private travels.  As you may have seen cars, overnight roads are blocked, sewers are filled, government engineers and the mayor himself are standing on the road to build walls in front of slums, alas .. the road is being plowed from the government nursery and the whole big tree shift  . Overnight in desert areas like Kharaghoda or Dhordo, where there is no drinking water or road for your desert festivals, you may have seen AC tents being set up overnight in a few days and taking 5000 or 10,000 public bookings.  Tents can be set up in the open now, sir!  Your sisters and daughters don't have to sleep on the sidewalk .. Half the city was closed during Jingping and almost the entire city's police were on the brink .. During Trump's time, you may have seen pillows on the wooden stage that were raised overnight on the sidewalk ..  Right now that corona patient is found to sleep outside the civil sir ??  Please stick ..
Today all the buses have been put in the rally to take people from village to village. If you have seen that there is no bus, then stop all those buses now to bring patients from villages to cities. Sir, during your elections, some chariots were moving from village to village.  , So now deliver the necessary medicines and masks in such chariots to the village for free .. Let's take a small price for the petrol and diesel of the chariot and give the medicine mask .. It is possible to turn such chariots in the village, sir ..!  Why Tata or D.R.  Waiting for the DO ?!  The dome in Gandhinagar helipad is ready, put the beds in 2 days and start the medicines, then the waiting of 108 for 50 hours will be over. Sir, when Tata arranges oxygen, oxygen will also be available. But, now  People will stop walking on the road just for the bed without ventilator .. why wait for Tata to put the beds only!  Because D.R.  D.  O.  Even in the Dhanvantari made by him, there are not as many beds with ventilator oxygen as there are between 900 beds. The rest is not the same. Sir, how many times can we arrange only beds in Gandhinagar helipad ?!  Let's celebrate Vibrant Corona .. How many times while making beds in two big halls of the same Mahatma temple .. ??  He is also back with AC, sir!  So in this heat, for the patients of Corona, just turn it on a little in the afternoon, sir, please!  .. Put the same hundreds - hundreds of buses - buses on trips to fill the Innova vehicles with oxygen, so that your Gujarati people do not have to wander to fill the oxygen bottles, sir ..

When will the result of standard 10 be declared and why watch online as there is no seat number

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