ફક્ત 15 મિનિટનો સમય કાઢીને તમારા બાળકોને આ વાતો જરૂર કહો - અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Some elements do not already want the district to be changed

Director's instruction to complete the camp between 1/6 to 7/6

Kheda district camp date to be announced after 7/6

Immediately after receiving the district return application, the candidate should have access to acceptance of the application which is never received and now the applications are being arranged in order

In some districts there are lists that have not been updated

Both the unions seem indifferent about the district camp

With the instruction of the Director, the water does not move from the stomach at the district level so that there is such a fear among the candidates.

Looking at the list in some places, it seems that the candidates who are not going to have a turn will make a fuss and maybe someone is wanting such a fuss

Better if the patience of the candidates who have been waiting for the camp for so long between the possibilities of if and then is not tested now

Until the camp, we will keep trying to convey such thought-provoking issues to all of you.

'Handshall no wat'

Seeing the handloom those days me
                 Always remember
Ras, Fani, Tonr, Gargadi, Pavdi
             The taps come to mind.
Babin, Rentio, Pirto's forever
                  Hoy jugalbandhi,
   Daegu (thread) lengthened and tangled
                   Measurement than.
There will be a handkerchief (cloth)
Fifteenth (longer) than joints
           Then throwing in the handkerchief.
Tana-wana makes a curry
           Cloth (handkerchief) dyed,
Weaving is not the name of living
                Massive cloth for jugs.
How much is the 'weaving'?
                  In the evening
Getting together at night (families)
                Starts talking affectionately.
  Ruda opportunity to run a handloom
              The courtyard lit up,
     Naat, Punch, Kalashya, Jivatvara
                 Adorned the courtyard.
  Was the sole capital of the ancestors
               Exquisite handloom,
  Got a lot today i forgot
              Hand tools.


The resolutions and choices of the human mind are formed in one moment just like water bubbles and are also going to burst in another moment, i.e. are going to be erased.  Therefore, our great men have decided that if ever the idea of ​​doing bad comes, postpone it till tomorrow and if ever the idea of ​​doing good comes, do it now.

  Decisions made in a hurry always lead to remorse.  Therefore, it is considered wise to make a prudent decision before doing any work.  The scriptures and saints are of the opinion that one should never rush into any kind of decision.  Every task should be done by thinking well, but when the task is good, one should not think too much.

   If the seeds of good resolutions germinate in the mind then they should not be postponed till tomorrow because the condition of human mind is not always the same.  Maybe the auspicious resolution that just came to mind did not come yesterday.

  And if ever bad thoughts start coming to mind then that action should be postponed for a while instead of quick action because if good thoughts do not come again and again then the truth is that even bad thoughts do not come again and again.  .  Do good today and avoid bad tomorrow. This is also a key to a happy and successful life.


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