What was the year of childhood .... !!

Even if the knee has hit the thing in the pants, but the toy belt is inserted in Perrin ...

Aathana's Pepsi was colored three or four times by a rupee ball ...

There was a longing when a guest came to the house
- When he goes, he gives money ...

If you want to get a bicycle, you can ride it in a dhoom style with two wages.

Bat-Dade, Garia (Bhamrado) to play Lakhoti Edge ...

Wandering barefoot in the sun and bathing in empty shorts in the rain, don't get sick ...

In the evening we are bound with friends but in the morning we go to school together ...

"Between the four walls, the mobile is inserted into the tablet and you don't get the fun of childhood,
If you want to enjoy that kingdom, you have to wander in the streets with your friends
(Sometimes without slippers) "
What was the year of childhood .... !!

Gujarat has a population of over 6.5 crore.
And everyone will have enough space to grow a tree.
Suppose half of them, if only one
If you plant a tree
The heat is approaching in the coming summer
35/37 degrees and rain even more
The desert stops coming forward.
Pollution is reduced.
Adequate oxygen is available.
The natural menstrual cycle runs normally and avoids cyclones, unseasonal rains, heat.
Middle class citizens almost do not need AC as it is now.

Instead of forwarding this message to at least 10 people, just plant a tree if your conscience tells you to.

Money and religion both have a profound impact on human life.  Man's move not only changes with money, but also with religion.  When there is wealth, it swings and when there is religion, it starts walking politely.

  If money or property comes in life, ego also comes on its own and if life comes in religion or peace, humility also comes on its own.  When wealth comes in life, a person becomes proud like the Kauravas and if he comes to life, then he becomes humble like the Pandavas.

  When religion comes in a person's life, he brings with him many virtues like humility.  Humility is not the imperative of religion, but the nature of religion.  Religious humility of religion comes as easily as fragrance with flowers and light with lamps.

In spite of coming, who considers that Lakshmi as the footsteps of Narayana and living his life in a humble manner, there can be no better seeker than him in this time.



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