It is a matter of a few years ago, when you had to pay to make a phone call and even to pick up the phone ..!  At that time I was in Vidyalaya. At that time I was studying and residing in Vidyabharati institute of Bhutwad village in Dhoraji taluka of Rajkot district.  I.e. lived in a hostel there.

The new savo had gone there.  New region, new people, hey !, speaking but new and in such an environment I wanted to set myself up because I was from North Gujarat and went to Saurashtra. That's how I got the seventh-eighth holiday in my hostel.  Gokul VIII is very important in Saurashtra so I had a mini vacation in my hostel and I was very happy and I was so happy that I could not go beyond my happiness because for the last many months I have been in my hometown i.e. Patan and my home  Where my love is in the family and in the family I and Athiye love me in my mother whom I would love to call mommy or mummy.  That would be eagerly awaiting me.  That thought would thrill me and fill my distance with happiness…!

And;  Thus, in thought, I packed my bed.  And if you leave the hostel, it is as if you have seen Govinda of Coolie No. 1.  Carry a steel bag, a schoolbag, an armpit bag and plastic bags in my hand. Taking all this, I sat in a chakda * (a type of rickshaw with a two-wheeled trolley attached to a bullet or bike in Saurashtra) and went to Dhoraji bus station  And from there I took the bus to Rajkot and left for Rajkot.

As soon as I landed at Rajkot bus stand, the conductor of another bus saw me loaded with luggage and gave me the title of 'One Me Army'. I was very happy to hear this, but I was in a hurry to reach Patan and in that hurry.  I landed at the bus station in Rajkot.  And there it was with me.

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I went to the inquiry window to ask the time of my hometown bus, keeping my luggage in front of me, the officer sitting there said that 20 minutes .. then .. Junagadh-Patan will come.  There I was sitting on the cement benches in the bus station looking like Otala and sitting there - my mind was filled with joy and excitement .. When will the bus come?  And I would sit in it and go to Patan. There was a lot of such brainstorming going on. I also went to the 'S-T restaurant' on the opposite side of the exit of the place where I was sitting to get a water pouch.  I went there and took a pouch of 'Ek Rupee' lying in the top left pocket of my shirt and drank it. The water in the water pouch was not even full yet and I saw my bus 'Patan-Junagadh' and the blue next to the pouch.  As soon as I threw the paint in the trash can, I ran to the opposite side, picked up the bag, schoolbag, armpit bag, as well as plastic bags, sat in the bus and went to get the ticket, took out my wallet and saw it in my mind;  So no wallet in the back pocket of the pants!  Checked again but if it is in the pocket, can it be found ??  Did it fall somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the bus station?  Or did the pocket get cut?  Or someone stole my wallet?

I felt as if someone had taken advantage of my happiness.  The joy of going home for two moments melted away like ice of water. Religion was in crisis. I am a student and how can I tell the conductor that there is no ticket money… I checked all my pockets but it didn't work… now?… Umar;  My little one, that is, no experience of traveling, left home early રહી stayed there, said to the conductor with full courage and helplessly said that uncle aye hi… wallet fell somewhere.  But the conductor may not have heard my words in the sound of the bus. Maybe that's why he told me again that my wallet has fallen or it seems to have been stolen in the bus stand. He told me that it is still fifteen minutes to pick up the bus.  Find it while sitting there, maybe you will find it or come back with enough money for a ticket !! ..

I sat down in the style of the same coolie but now I was not excited, the joy of going home was blown away, now I was wondering what to do?  When the conductor told the driver, the driver looked at me with a smirk but after seeing me, he stopped laughing.  Then he assured me that someone should call Sagavhala or call a friend.

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It occurred to me that even if I called, who would I call?  Whoever knows me here lends me money or even a ticket !!
I didn't even know the brother of the ghost here. Such thoughts were running through my mind in Rajkot. I remembered to call back but at that time the mobile age was not as widespread as it is now. Dhirubhai did not come to Gujarat in the form of Reliance so incoming and outgoing were also charged.  So no one in particular had a mobile and even if there were a few people who had a mobile, yes;  There were many red dablawala phones which we called PCO (public) phones in which you could talk for 30 seconds (1 minute) with 'one rupee' so I remembered that there was one rupee in the left pocket of my shirt.  But as soon as I went to put my hand in my pocket, another thought came to my mind that… .Aye!  Hi .. Alya!  I drank a water pouch a while ago for that one rupee !!!  And now ??  Now I didn't even have a single rupee, I became a nathio without money in a Gujarati proverb

My legs were loose.  The brain was not working, the strength was gone from the body, I was sweating.  Atikati was. And I was begging for one rupee in begging that uncle give me one rupee my ex wallet has fallen!  Then a voice came from the front saying that if he feels like a hero and walks around asking for a rupee, he is not ashamed.

I couldn't get rid of it without asking for a single rupee.  Then I came back to the bus. The bus had not taken off yet. The conductor asked what happened?  Got it?  I lowered my head, turned my head left and right, and replied in the negative.  I told the conductor uncle that I did not get the wallet but you take me to Patan where I will give you three times more fare but I also gave the conductor uncle but my hopes were dashed…! Then the driver again advised brother depot manager  The stool will take out the cake hull. I went there as if I was being interviewed. I was called to the manager's cabin. I told him the whole story. He told me to come and check the place where you have returned.  I said, "Sir, I have come to see you."

Then my eyes went out to find the wallet.  And I wandered wherever I went, saw, turned everywhere, and finally I saw my wallet lying on the fence like where I was sitting in the beginning. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just saw what I saw.  How was it not then and now?  But then I was happy that Hash got my wallet. I opened it and looked inside. Again I was disappointed because the wallet thief had taken all the money from the wallet and left the wallet empty.  But all the other things in the wallet were intact, so there was hope and thoughts in my mind that some drunkard might have taken the wallet and taken the money and thrown it away.

The condition of the wallet seemed to be unknown to any other Zazi, but the wallet was not in the pocket of 20 rupees.  Then the thought came to my mind that at that time a new banking system came to ATM and soon I started looking for my ATM in my wallet and I found it.  Because that drunkard or Kane must have hit my wallet, it didn't hit the ATM, that's where my life came to life and again there was a smile on my face that was lost a while ago.

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I took the ATM and went to the ATM machine near the bus station where the ATM machine is kept. I took the money, took my luggage from the manager's office and returned with the same enthusiasm. Another bus from Patan did not sit in Junagadh-Deesa.  The conductor came from uncle's mouth or where to buy a ticket? The whole incident of a while ago started moving like a movie strip of the movie and then the conductor slapped me in front of my eyes and told me that hey ..!  Hello, where are the tickets?  Then I recovered and said that Patan-Patan and then the conductor gave me a ticket and told me to give him 21 rupees. I gave him 200 rupees and he told me that;  That, brother is… that .. "Leave one rupee"?  And then again I remembered that pouch, the rupee in the left side pocket of that shirt that… .what happens to you… one rupee one rupee, give me uncle, give me ex .. my very picture stood in front of me and how and  In what compulsion one rupee was demanded.  One rupee… One rupee.

Today such a situation rarely arises as a result of increased facilities but today when I go on a long journey I definitely remember this incident and that is why even today I have to keep all the money in one place instead of all the money. 
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