Matter to be submitted to the office for service bond from service book -2/3/2021


Matter to be submitted to the office for service bond from service book -2/3/2021



Every thing, substance and person here one day has to achieve a dilapidated state.  Zara (just be careful, old age or time) does not leave anyone.

  "Trishnaika Tarunayate"          But Trishna is never old and always remains young nor is it ever destroyed.  It is a necessity to have a house, it is a desire to have a good house, and what will happen to one?  There should be two or three houses, it is just called Trishna.

  craving never ends.  Be wise, be considerate, and be careful.  Do not be satisfied with yourself and pray to Shri Krishna.  Only Krishna's shelter can finish Trishna.

          I dreamed so much
           If it had been completed, what would have been

Willingness is not only sacrificial and bad because desire is the starting point of any achievement in life.

If there was no wish, how would a collector become a collector ..?  If there was no desire then how would a doctor become a doctor ..?  And if there was no desire then how would a pilot become a pilot…?

In the absence of desire, life cannot achieve any superiority.  It is not only by circumstances that a Rama and Krishna, a Buddha or a Mahavira is born, but at the core of it, there is a strong desire to become Rama and Krishna, Buddha and Mahavira.

But here one must also be cautious and that desire does not only give birth to Rama, sometimes gives birth to Ravana and desire does not only give birth to Krishna but sometimes also to a Kansa.  She gives birth.

There must be a will and it will happen.  It is not so easy to fulfill the desire, but if the wish is good, wish is good and if desire is superior then there is no delay, no hindrance in the journey from male to Narayan.

Dear friends.
   Old Dena Bank which is now Bank of Baroda. It has our SMC and SMC Education and MU accounts in the bank. Often the printing machine is not entered in the passbook as it is closed.  .M as well as other cashbooks are having trouble writing.
The matter has been referred to the Manager Mr. who has been assured by the Head Office to bring a permanent solution soon.
  Those who want to get entry in the school passbooks should go to the bank on 3/1/2021 and 3/1/2021 after 3:00 pm to get the entry.
Don't stand in line to make an entry.
  Taluka Primary Teachers Union

  Gentleness is the same as providing coolness to life.  In the absence of gentleness, life is like a burning ember that burns itself but also burns those who come in contact with it.
    Gentleness is the ornament and makeup of life.  The gem residing in Gold Lanka mounted on the Jadit throne, the life of Ravana who holds the Nanalankars is also beautiful.  And the life of the monkeys including Hanuman ji, sitting on the top of the stone and trees on the mountain, etc. and living in the dark cave is beautiful.

The beauty of life is not with ornaments, but with your values ​​and values, with humility, with ease and tolerance.  Put on the gentleness of jewelery so that you can keep your beauty even in the absence of gold jewelery.

Matter to be submitted to the office for service bond from service book -2/3/2021

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