PA PA Pagali Project 2021


PA PA Pagali Project 2021


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Any work done by you is evaluated by people in two ways.  One who learns something from him and another who makes some mistake in it.

  There is no good work that you do and if it is not possible for some people to become an inspiration, then there is no work that you do and others should not make a mistake in it.  In this world it has never been easy and possible for anyone to always satisfy everyone at once.

When the Lord Surya Narayana rises, the lotus flowers blossom and start blossoming.  On the other hand, the ocular bird sits with closed eyes and starts cursing the same auspicious morning, that if it were not there, I would have wandered freely.

The river provides the satisfaction of people with its cold water after quenching the thirst of the people, but some people are sometimes blamed for saying that if the river did not flow, many people would have survived drowning.

Instead of being discouraged and disheartened, you should be committed to continue giving your best, best and greatest to the society, thinking that what is God if we do not escape the condemnation and criticism ..?


Once upon a time a monkey because of sadness
Wished to die.
He pulled the ears of the sleeping lion .......

The lion woke up and roared with anger: -
Who did this ..?
Who has invited his own death .....?

I did maharaj.
I am very indifferent to the lack of friends and
I want to die
Why don't you hit me .....?

Singh asked with a laugh: -
While pulling my ears,
Did anyone see you .....?

Monkey -
No, Honorable!

Lion: -
Pull again
Sounds pretty good.  .

  Summary of this story:

Living alone,
Even the king of the forest gets bored… ......

So stay in touch with your friends.
Keep their ears, legs, stretched.
Don't be sad, be happy.

PA PA Pagali Project 2021

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