રાજ્ય કક્ષાના શ્રેષ્ઠ શિક્ષક પારિતોષિક 2021 યાદી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

પ્રતિભાશાળી શિક્ષક પ્રમાણપત્ર વિતરણ બાબત 13 8 2021 નો લેટર જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Can your friend take a pill for you?
Raeesh Maniar Comics

An RJ named Maitri called me for an interview.  Thus giving an interview is a vital activity of the writers but this is RJ
"Interview is not for you, it's for your friend on World Friendship Day!"

I called the conference and took Hasubhai along and the interview started.  Then I didn’t get to do the Zazu interference.

Friendship - What is intimate friendship?

Hasubhai - Sitting on the toilet seat with whom you can talk and do not have to hang up the phone while flushing is called intimate friendship.

Friendship - What's the Difference Between a Friend and a Best Friend?

Hasubhai - The ‘friend’ that comes and goes like a flame in the waves of the ocean of life and the ‘best friend’ that clings to you like a moss.

Friendship - Heard there should be some similarities between friends!

Hasubhai - is.  There are similarities.  In particular, we both have a mental illness called 'Same to Same'.

Friendship - isn't it better if the friend is 'intelligent'?

Hasubhai - No.  The only true friend who listens intently to our foolish talk, and then gives advice without wisdom.

Friendship - How do you balance your life between wife and friend?

Hasubhai - When I feel like talking to a person without a heart, talk to my wife and
Talk to a friend when you feel like talking to a person without a brain.

Friendship - Is it true that a true friend is one who doesn't let you be alone?

Hasubhai - Yes, a true friend is one who does not let you be alone, constantly harassed!

Friendship - but shouldn't a friend be given space in a friendship?

Hasubhai - Space should be given.  So that in the meanwhile he earns it alone,
So that can be spent together.

Friendship - It is said in folklore that a true friend is like a shield.

Hasubhai - You know, to fall behind in happiness means to fall behind you.  And to be ahead in sorrow i.e.
Be ahead when running.

Friendship - How many friends are called group ideals?

Hasubhai - Two good ones, if they get together more, it is called gang.

Friendship - Do you have any rules regarding friends?

Hasubhai - The teacher who wants to follow the rules by looking at the rules
A friend who wants to break up!

Friendship - What language do you speak with a friend?

Hasubhai - by gesture.  Or Surati .. necessarily ..

Friendship - It is said that ‘a friend should be like a mirror that shows you your true face’

Hasubhai - Half of this is true that ‘friend should be like a mirror ...’ but he should keep the angle of the mirror in such a way that it looks like the girl we like.

Friendship - What do you think?  What is more valuable to girls?  Jewelry or boyfriend?

Hasubhai: Hey .. what do you think of a girl?  Of course, mind you
* Boyfriend is precious. *
  But also a boyfriend who can give jewelry.

Friendship - What card would you send to your friend on Friendship Day?

Hasubhai - A true friend is sensible, he knows that even if it costs as much as an expensive friendship card
Once a drink arrives.

Friendship - Your Last Words ..

Hasubhai - but I still want to live ...

Friendship - Sorry!  Centenary and persecution of friends, I mean, the last words of this interview.

Hasubhai - Friend should be like a multipurpose modality.  It should be that the enemy is not even needed.

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