Assistance scheme of 12000 rupees  for students to buy electric bikes.


Assistance scheme of 12000 rupees  for students to buy electric bikes.

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  Whatever you have in this world, it is only in the form of trust and how can you take pride in the trust of others?  The son is the trust of the daughter-in-law, the daughter is the trust of the son-in-law, the body is the trust of the crematorium and life is the trust of death.

It is sheer dishonesty to consider the trust as one's own.  Remember, no one here belongs to anyone.  If you want, try to catch lakhs, but nothing is going to come in your grasp here.  Take care of the trust but don't mistake it as your own and don't forget that which is really yours in the brilliance of this world.

  It is true that no one in this world is your own, but the creator of the world is definitely his own, then not loving him is dishonest then what is.
surpati das

Mental laziness is very dangerous.  Expressing the inability of the body to do any work, it is physical laziness.  But to think before doing any work that this work is not under my control or to give up before doing any work, to retreat is mental laziness.
Due to this mental laziness, many people are unhappy, fail and reach depression due to this frustration.  The way to overcome this mental laziness is good thinking, positive thinking and company of good people.

An idea changes a man’s world.  If that idea is auspicious then it not only causes one's own progress but also has the power to change the lives of other people.  So always think good so that you can avoid mental laziness.


A person lived in a village.  He was very good but he had a bad quality. He avoided everything.  He believed that whatever happens happens by fate.

One day a monk came to him.  That person served the monk a lot.  Pleased with his service, the monk gave Paras Patthar and said- I am very happy with your service.  That is why I am giving you this paras stone.  I will take it from you in seven days.  In the meantime, make as much gold as you want.

That person was not getting iron.  Searched iron in his house.  When he got some iron, he made gold of the same and sold it in the market and brought some goods.

The next day he went to the market to buy iron, so seeing that it was getting expensive at that time, the man returned home.

Three days later he went to the market again and found out that this time it has become even more expensive.  So he returned without buying iron.

He thought - one day iron will be cheaper.  Will buy only when it becomes cheaper.  Thinking this, he did not buy iron.

On the eighth day, the monks came to him to take Paras.  The person said- I spent all my time like this.  Right now I can't make anything gold.  Please let this stone stay with me for a few more days.  But the monks did not agree.

The monk said- A man like you cannot do anything in life.  If someone else had been in your place, I still don't know what he would have done.  The man who does not know how to use time is always miserable.  Saying so, Sadhu Maharaj took the stone and left.

Education: -
The person who keeps postponing work, does not make good use of time and relies only on luck is always miserable.

Assistance scheme of 12000 rupees  for students to buy electric bikes.

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