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After reading CTET for a lifetime, the confusion that arose in Gujarat will be removed by reading this ...

There are 2 types of TET: CTET and STET
For CTET CBSE school and for STET state board school we have GTET as per reet in Rajasthan.

Thus there are two parts.
CTET is for CBSE whose validity is 7 years.  If passed in 2011, it will be valid in 2018 and again in 2019.
The decision was made by the NCTE in October 2020 to extend the validity of the CTET for life, which was approved by the Ministry of Education yesterday.
Thus the validity of CTET was extended to life.
If we talk about Gujarat, we take GTET and its validity is 5 years.
Thus CTET has 7 years and GTET has 5 years.  Rajasthan REET has 3 years validity.
Thus the rules of the State Government and the Central Government are different and it is not necessary to do the same according to the Center.

The decision to do CTET for life is correct. This certificate is not counted in merit. It is just a qualifying paper.  Which become eligible for TRT and PGT.  Mark nowhere counts in merit.
Even in CBSE recruitment, marks are not counted as CTET is required for a professor to pass the net set.
90 or 120 are considered the same.

We count the marks of Gujarat's GTET in merit only.  Not our GTET qualifying paper.
Lifting the validity of our GTET for life means doing injustice to the candidates.
Because the pattern of TAT taken from 2011 to date is different, the question is different, sometimes an easy paper has come out, sometimes it is difficult.
So we have 5 years is right.
Not 7 years like CTET.
Don't let GTET have anything to do with this validity lifetime rule.

3 reasons not to grow.
1) We count marks in recruitment
2) The state does not have to do what the center does
3) The old is repeated.

According to Nir Kshir Vivek Buddhi .... walking ....

A brother went to the temple with his seven-year-old son and entered the temple with a puja from outside, standing with his hands clasped in front of a stone idol, while his son took ten rupees from the donation plate, and the brother took the donation box.  Mother dropped the fifty rupee note and walked away, the brother did not know that his son had taken ten rupees from there, the next day looking at the camera the trustee of the temple noticed that the little boy had taken ten rupees from that plate and  When he comes back to the temple two or four days later, the trustee tells the brother that the last time you came to pay homage, your son took ten rupees from the donation plate.  And I started thinking that the fifty rupees I put in the donation box did not appear in the camera but I took ten rupees and checked it, from the same day the brother thought that from today the temple puja lesson is closed, and the money is the puja lesson temple donation  He used to put the same money in the box and make a donation box at home and collect it in it  Turned on, now a seven year old son.  22 years have passed and her marriage has been decided, so the father of that son got it and opened the box and saw how much money was collected in fifteen years, after fifteen years an amount of Rs. 1,70,000 / - came out of the box.  Then it happened to him that all this money is mine alone, there are millions of people who are putting money in the donation box of the temple, in this only the son of a Brahmin and a Pandit is saved, where is it wrong to take the same big cart  So, read on and improve, so you can save money and educate your sons and daughters well and get married.


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