LIC Heavy Policy Special Read No worries about daughter's marriage! Only invest Rs 150, get Rs 22 lakh


LIC Heavy Policy Special Read No worries about daughter's marriage!  Only invest Rs 150, get Rs 22 lakh


Our village is on the banks of the Watrak-Meshwo river.  These rivers pass adjacent to the village.  After a long time now the rivers have become two banks.  Not only that, the flow of these rivers is still alive.  Pleasant music pervades the rushing streams of the rivers.  At the time of flood, the rivers become Ganditur.  At that moment, the sound of its roaring water sounds scary.

Life is intertwined with these rivers.  Even today, if we go near these rivers, we can hear the chirping of childhood.  Mom goes to the river for housework so we follow Tabari.  As if looking for a way to go to the river!  It was fun to bathe and play in the water until mom worked.  This river is our open and free water park.  Even spending money in a waterpark today is not a pleasure.  Even going to water the buffalo.  Until the buffalo drank the water, Banda filled his mind with water.

We friends played a lot in the water.  Playing games like Santakukadi, Pakkadav, Dhabudi in the water.  Sometimes there was a swimming competition between friends.  Innovative ways of swimming in water were demonstrated.  Everyone showed their ability to swim in the water.  All this is learned from instinctive experience.  Jumping from a high cliff to the river bank.  Seeing the high cliffs today, how could you jump from such a high place?

To make new sand sculptures from sand on the river bank.  The temple and the house were everyone's favorite.  Then make a cave and make your skills sense.  Besides, Nordosh would enjoy driving a road in the sand.

Today, when I saw these rivers overflowing with water, my whole childhood came alive again.  When those words come to mind ...
* Let's play by the river, *
* Walk in the mud. *

"Mommy ... Mommy ... the brother with the bread came. If there is bread, give it to me."  - The daughter got up and hurried to the kitchen.  "Yes ... if it is hot. Go and give it to me."  That is to give a smooth roti.

In our society a brother goes out for regular bread in this way.  "Give me bread. Give me bread."  - One by one he walks in the society shouting loudly.  This routine of his forever.  He accepts all his desires and strengths with a smile.  However, everyone was aware of his service spirit.  He gives bread and becomes a partner in good deeds.

  This brother feeds this collected bread to the dogs.  Whatever the season;  This brother does not pay for his deeds.  Even when the body is healthy, this brother comes and takes the bread.  Serving dogs became his religion.  This work of his gives me a lot of inspiration.  Look at the flame of humanity!  If a person starts his ministry with good fortune, the result becomes an ideal.  This brother, who is constantly worried about the stomach of an abol animal, is a perfect example of compassion.

Today the person is becoming self-centered.  Forgetting 'everything', thinking of 'self'.  Then this brother's service is giving unique inspiration and energy.  That's when his voice was heard - "Give me bread. Give me bread."  Haiyu was happy to hear that voice.

LIC Heavy Policy Special Read No worries about daughter's marriage!  Only invest Rs 150, get Rs 22 lakh

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