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Mission Schools of Excellence | School Excellence Programme Gujarat



Birth is met by parents and life is created by humans themselves.  Life is not the name that we get, but life is what we make.

No one is good or bad by birth.  No one is great or unrighteous by birth.  But our actions make us great and infirm.

Ravana took birth in Brahmin clan and Sri Rama in Kshatriya clan.  Ravana was the child of Vishrava Rishi and Shri Ram King Dasharatha.  But on the basis of karma, Shri Ram became the ideal and inspiration of the people and Lord Shri Ram, then Ravana started being called Asura and Adham.

When one worshiped on the basis of his great and superior deeds, then the effigy of one started to be burnt due to his devilish tendencies.

  The person who creates a person through hard work, effort, service, dedication, penance, sacrifice, benevolence, charitableness and truth is called life.


   Activist Study Class Pavapuri Jain Temple, Idar, District Sabarkantha
   Province Worker Study Class" of National Federation of Education, Gujarat was held on 1st and 2nd April 2021

The expected state, division and departmental office bearers of the eight recognized organizations from all cadres of the National Federation of Education were present.  Director of Education Shri Maheshbhai Joshi - Deputy Director of Secondary Education Shri Maheshbhai Mehta Minister of National Organization

Hon. Mahendra Kapoorji, Hon.  Mohanji Purohit - Secretary, ABRSM Secondary Cadre and Hon'ble Kailas Bhai Trivedi Province Intellectual President Gujarat, Hon'ble Kuldeep Singh Gohil Province Co-Intellectual President Saurashtra Province including National Educational Federation, President of Gujarat Shri Ghanshyambhai Patel and General Secretary  President Shri Bhikhabhai Patel and Treasurer and President of the Federation of Secondary Education Shri Rameshbhai Chaudhary gave guidance on various subjects ..... District Primary Education Officer Shri Harshad Bhai Chaudhary was also present in the study class.
The team of Shri Girishbhai Bhrambhatt, President Sabarkantha and the entire National Federation of Education of Sabarkantha as the General Manager for the entire arrangement of the two day study class was very beautifully organized.
Overall, the two-day study class covered the work ethic, goals, approach to administration, qualities of workers, quality organization, nation-class, indigenous and rural development, environment and women's participation, economic cleanliness and media management.  Got a refreshing meal

Mission Schools of Excellence | School Excellence Programme Gujarat

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