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My son, who was sitting in a chair next to my bed in the hospital, when he found out about my heart operation  He dropped all his work from abroad * * He sat next to me
  Dad, Mom used to say outside the room  Dhruvjibhai who works at our house is sitting outside your room from eight in the morning to eight at night ... and Ravjibhai with our iron at night from nine at night to seven in the morning ...

  When I go home ... gardener, brother who comes to give a bottle of water, brother who comes to give a bag of milk ... brother with housekeeping .... everyone asks me..pintu brother you are not alone we are with you ..  If there is any work. Say ... everyone has given their own. Mobile number to me and mom ..  You have created a real team in my absence ...

  Beta big people escape under unusual circumstances by showing the excuse of time..or no leave..a simple and straightforward answer ... gives..but such small people do not calculate time or money

  Son who says the world is selfish .... change your look and behavior is all the right person at the right time ... gentle people don't forget.then why even if he is not a small person ...

Son ... I made a principle in life ... People in need move right in front of our eyes .... then whether it is a family member or in our daily life it helps us in any way that  Then have a friend. *
  I would rather help such a person directly instead of donating to a temple ashram or an organization..even without expecting compensation from anyone .... *
* Many people give 100 rupees and get 200 jobs .. *
* Back in the village, Fare himself helped with 100 rupees *
* Never seek the help of such a perverted person ... *

* After you went abroad, I increased my intimacy with all these don't know all this ... your mother doesn't even know .... today these people are giving me their compensation..son today .. I did it  The help has been given to the right and worthy..that's sure ... *

* We were talking ..... there with coat pants and bag .... a person came in .. I said hey little ... where have you been all these years? *

* I felt small on my feet .... *
* Tell me, Samir Bhai, how often do you feel about changing the time ... If you hadn't helped me at the right time, I would have hung a photo on the wall ...

* But where were you ...? *

* Rakeshbhai, that day I left my family in the village at night and with the 25000 you gave me I fled to the Gulf country to make a fortune ... After working as a black laborer for five years, today I have become a big contractor there. *

* This is my youngest son Pintu ... who came here from USA after hearing the news of my health ..

* Rakeshbhai, I also went to your house, my sister-in-law talked about it, so I ran and came here .. this bag is yours ... *

* What's in the Pintu Bolyo bag? *

* Rakeshbhai.  Return with your 25000 rupees interest ... This is in the bag *

* If I forgot that rupee .... so take this bag back *

* have taken the place of my elder brother ... *
* Also taught me.  "Life should be big *
* Not tall "just doesn't get older ... that's what I learned from you *

  I don't have any problem with small rupee ..
  I say with a pair of hands ... take back this small bag ...

  Nanu agreed at that time..and said..Rakeshbhai from here. My housewife and grocer ran away without paying I am going to pay rupee with interest ..
  Me and my family are leaving the country forever ..
  Before that you will need to set foot at home ..
Give me leave now.  He walked out of the room.

Dad this person. Who?  Pintu spoke

When my son is in trouble, at the door of the hospital or at home ... he is waiting for his relatives ... but when ... the same relatives are in trouble, instead of helping him, he donates to an organization, caste, ashram temple  Giving fame is donating..None of these people or organizations come to work for you in times of trouble.

  Do you know my friend Jatinbhai ...?
Yes well ... Uncle Jatin

Jatin is considered to be the happiest and richest person in his family.

  His younger brother with whom I have a lot of intimacy .. Since he was doing a private job, his hand was in a stretch .... Once the job was gone, he didn't even have the money to pay the rent.  When I met him ... I looked at him anxiously and said .. you seem to be in some trouble..let's have tea and breakfast..say we sat under the tree ... drinking tea .... Jatin's younger brother..who  We say small with love ....
  I said what is the problem with the ball ...?
  He said .... Sameerbhai..not a job for six months, all the savings have been used ... the landlord .. collects rent ..
  The housewife has given this last warning this month..otherwise the luggage is out ... and the bike is confiscated until I pay my outstanding rent ....
  Tears from the eye.  Were falling into his tea saucer ...

  I  Big brother Jatin can't help ..?
  No Sameerbhai ... he said ... this is your daily routine .. you are the doctor of your troubles ......
Sameerbhai, I am not sad that he did not help me, but in our caste ... when he donated Rs 5 lakh to make a name for himself, it happened to me ... I also broke the bonds of emotion ... selfish and ruthless  Have to be ... or have to end my life

  Hey little today your time is bad ... have patience and peace ... a plant to think differently .. how much money do you need now?

25000 ... but when will I give it back to doesn't promise ... but when I give it I will give it back with interest.  That little one promises you ....

  Tomorrow you will get your money..but don't talk to Jatin ..... I said

  Just beta gave 25000 rupees and we broke up ..
  Today, after ten years, he has come back ... Honestly, he has come to pay even the rupee of the housewife and grocery store with interest ..

  Son ... some deeds are called accumulated deeds .... even if they are not done with a spirit of return..God needs to take note of such deeds.

  The door opened there ... Hospital bill 475000 / - in our hands. The hospital clerk put it
  Pintu looked in front of me ...
  Dad, someone paid your bill .... is

  No one, son, check it, it will be small ... He refused to take the bag here, so he kept paying the bill *

  Son .. let me say one thing. To move away from the place where our feelings are not appreciated, our feelings are understood as a joke ... many people are waiting in the world to find our love..time  And money is a place to spend..where you are appreciated ... good work and forget:

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