Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran mate ni Process Online karva babat Paripatra


Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran mate ni Process Online karva babat Paripatra

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Once Devraj Indra got angry with the farmers.  He said angrily, ‘I will not rain for the next twelve years;
You can't grow crops. '
When anxious farmers prayed a lot, Indradev showed the remedy,

"If Lord Shankara plays his drum, it will rain."

Indra knew that the farmers would now run to Mahadev, so he informed Mahadev that

"You will not allow the farmers to play the drums."
The farmers actually approached Lord Shankar but he said, ‘Damru will only grow after twelve years.’ The disappointed farmers decided not to cultivate for twelve years.
A farmer came out who continued farming.  He regularly plowed, weeded, sowed, and so on.  All the farmers kept making fun of him.  After five years like this, someone asked that hardworking farmer,

"Why waste your time and energy when you know it hasn't rained for twelve years?"
The farmer replied,

‘I also know that the crop will not grow for twelve years but I am doing this for my study.  If I sit idle for twelve years I will forget farming, my body will also forget the habit of labor.  Twelve years later, when it rains, I will not be able to grow crops. '
Mother Parvati was listening to this logical discussion.  The logic of that farmer settled in his mind.  Maa Parvati ..

  Instinctively Lord Shiva said,

‘Lord, you too may forget to play the drum after twelve years.’
Lord Shankar is Bholenath.  They listened to the goddess and became worried.  He took the drum in his hand and started playing to see if he could play the drum himself.  At the same time, heavy clouds began to fall in the sky and torrential rain started.
Only one field on earth was ready with sowing.  The field was full of crops.
This story is very useful for the present time.  Instead of focusing on all sorts of negative things in this time of epidemic, we should continue our business, sharpen our skills, increase our knowledge and show our potential.
Corona has to go sometimes.  If our farm is plowed then we will be the ones to work.

Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran mate ni Process Online karva babat Paripatra

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