Americans spend dollars on fame Hesitant Climb to the starting stage and zoom in


Americans spend dollars on fame Hesitant  Climb to the starting stage and zoom in


કીર્તીદાન ગઢવી વિડીયો અહિંથી જુઓ

Kakbhusundi ji explains to Garuda ji, saying, O Garuda ji, all other means of the world also cannot get the fruit which gives the devotion to the Lord.

Ram Bhagati Mani ur just go.
Do not look sadly loveless.

Devotion to the Lord is the panacea that transforms our vision, which makes us sad even in the absence of lack, effect.

The main reason for our sorrows is our insatiableness, our new aspirations or our countless desires.  And when devotion appears in the heart-

       Khal Kamadi cannot be near.
        Basi Bhagi Bhati go to ur mother.

Not only Kama but also those who are helpful to Kama or whatever - which are our internal disorders, Kama, anger, greed, item, fascination and ego, devotion gives a new vision to life by eliminating all those, which gives us  It gives pleasure even in the absence of it.

My personal experience should be said now.
Binu Hari bhajan na jahin kalesa.

There can be no end of tribulations in life without bhajan or without piety.  Even in the absence of learning the art of smiling, one has to take refuge in devotion.

Maharishi Arvind used to say that the goal of all the work done by us should be to serve only the motherland.  Our study, meditation, contemplation should be devoted to the whole body and soul of the motherland and its prosperity.

Each of our actions should be for our nation and not for ourselves.  Our personal and family interest is also vested in the national interest.  Spending money in one's luxury is a way of money wastage and theft.  The best use of money is to be used in the service of the helpless and needy in the national interest.

The person who has the same amount of sacrifice and charitableness is equally above the animal in that degree.

Of course, if there is a feeling of national interest in life, there is a feeling of charitableness and benevolence and there is a feeling of welfare of the living beings and more than that there is a feeling of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, then that life is also a perfect life.

The opportunity for service is fortunate and the sense of service is fortunate.  All the saints - great sages have either been sages or saints and have a sense of service or charitableness in their lives, or say that whoever has a sense of service and charitableness in their mind, saints - great sages or sages have also been saints.

If human life is found, it should serve the nation, serve humanity and serve only beings, this is also the ideal state and meaning of life.


Americans spend dollars on fame Hesitant  Climb to the starting stage and zoom in

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