દિવાળી વેકેશન બાબત આજના સમાચાર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

There was a doctor who treated serious illnesses.
Very smart.
It is said of a doctor that he brings back people who are close to death.
Fill out a form with the patient who comes to the doctor.
Asks the patient, you write in this form, how will you live if you survive?
  What is left in life?

Each patient wrote his heart out.
I will spend enough time with my family if I survive.
I will play with my son and daughter's children.
Someone talked about fulfilling his hobby of going for a walk, while someone also said that people who have been hurt by me;  I will go to him and apologize.
One patient said, "I'll make you laugh a little."
Various things were learned.
No complaints against life.  I will work without gilt.

The doctor performs the operation.
The doctor returns the same form to the patient when the patient leaves.
Tell the patient, when you come back to show up, tick what you have written in this form and say how long have you lived the way you wrote?

The doctor said that not a single person had written that if I survived, I would take revenge.
  I will destroy my enemy.
  I will earn more money.
  I'll keep myself busy.

Everyone had a different outlook on life.

The doctor asked, "Who was stopping you from living like this when you were well?"
Where is it still late ???

Think twice about how much you have left in your life to live the way you want to live.
Just start living that way. 

True life is that when life is about to end there is no regret!  Don't think that I haven't lived my life the way I want to!

If there is devotion in your life, if it is not possible, then at least a devotee should never be insulted and harmed.

God said
  "Ego devotee Paradhino"
I am subject to the devotees.  The insult of the devotee is my own insult and even I can bear the one who insults me like Bhrigu sage, but I also punish the one who insults my devotees like Durvasa sage.

The criminal who did Bhagat.
   Ram Rosh Pavak So Jarai.

  The company of a devotee can make us beloved of the Lord, the Lord can make us the possessor of love, but the insult of a devotee makes us the cause of the Lord's wrath.

Bhakta means a person who is always engaged in social service, benevolence, altruism and altruism with a continuous selfless spirit while living a life of righteousness.  For which no one is his own and no one else.  For whom the whole world is the temple of the Lord and the living beings in the Lord alone.

Undoubtedly, such great human beings do not live for themselves but live for the community.  Therefore, their support, if you can respect them, then of course, but never disrespect them for personal interest, otherwise do not have a feeling of bigotry towards them, otherwise there will be no one to give shelter even in Triloki.


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