Umra hui chalish ke par geet mate khas link


Umra hui chalish ke par geet mate khas link


ઉમ્ર હું ચાલીસ કે પાર હૈ ગીત સંભાળવા ગીત સંભાળવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

In the Ram Charit Manas, Goswami Tulsidas ji explains the definition of asuras, saying that those people who do not have love and respect for their parents in their heart, do not have the feeling of reverence and service towards their superior people, believe the same people are truly asuras.
Asuras are not those who do not have wisdom but those who do not have purification.  Those who always have the mind to harm others, are the same demons and those who always live in the divine sense of giving to others are the same gods.
  Asuras are not even those whose picture is not good, but Asuras are those whose character is not good.  Life is a melodious music, and the disorder itself is deformed from its deformed tone, the people who live in the disorder are the deprived of the real sound of this music i.e.


Always keep striving not only for good business but also for good behavior.  While good business will keep you happy, good behavior will give you inner happiness.
  The only reason for many tribulations in our life is nature.  If there is nothing, it causes lack.  If something happens, it hurts sentiment and if everything is there, then it hurts nature.  By bad nature, we also make easy things clean.
Misbehavior, anger, causes heartburn and fear.  Outward happiness will give trade, but inner happiness, joy and boldness will give sweet behavior.  Meditate not only for business but also for behavior.


Only Prabhu Katha in this world has the ability to enter our life from Bhavsagar to Bhavsagar.

In the absence of narrative, our life is nothing more than agony.  There is only and only one medicine to eradicate Bhavarog and that is Prabhu Katha.
  If life is a boat, then Prabhu Katha the rudder protecting it from drowning.  If life is a kite, Prabhu Katha is the door to keep it from wandering.  And if life is a tree, then Prabhu Katha, fertilizer and water to keep it from drying out.
So take shelter of Prabhu Katha, it will definitely take you to Thakur one day by stumbling.

  The story of God and the agony of the world is eternal and the person who understood this essence is a saint.

   Umra hui chalish ke par geet mate khas link

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