Command and Control CCC 2.O Recruitment Exam Ticket Date Announced 


Command and Control CCC 2.O Recruitment Exam Ticket Date Announced 

 The hall ticket for this command and control center exam will be sold out in a very short time.




It was very foggy that morning. Standing in the school grounds, all of us teachers were welcoming the students entering the school with a discussion of the unique mood of the atmosphere. It has now become our nature to greet every child who comes to school early in the morning with a smile.  Moribhai and Jaswantiben, standing with temperature guns in their hands, speak the temperature figures and also note the class teachers Dilipbhai, Jethwabhai and Bharatbhai in the register.  Acharya Shri Suva Saheb, Supervisor Hansaben and Elder Teacher Nitaben see the enthusiasm of their sons at home and increase our joy as the elders rejoice.  Every day, sooner or later, every student should describe his unique situation, with some enthusiasm and joy, someone should enter the school with the price of being pushed out of the house.  , Chandrika and Disha hurriedly entered the school gate..Jaswantiben measured the temperature.  Such a high temperature this winter morning ..?  As soon as we heard the temperature figure, we all became worried..somewhere Corona ..!  Even before we think of such a cake, Vaishali said, 'Sir..don't worry..that's why we have come ten kilometers in an hour and a half to share from Nakra, so the heat has gone up ..!'  In Vaishali's words, there was no fear, no joy, no fatigue, no confidence. I was not bored to come to school but I was thunganat. We asked, 'Why doesn't the bus come to your village?  The rickshaw doesn't take off? '  Got the answer .. 'No sir, after the lockdown, the bus does not come to our village early in the morning and the rickshaw also comes very late.  If you wait for it, it will be too late.  And if we miss the first hour, we can walk.

We are all saluting the attitude of these daughters towards education and school. By chewing the words of this typical daughter, we all applauded and applauded the truthfulness and drunkenness in her reply.
Sir ..!  Indeed, as long as such daughters are aware and committed to education in the country, there is no doubt that India's future will be written in golden letters.  Students who are immersed in the school environment are the lifeblood of the educational institution.  Each student has their own unique energy center.  Turn on the independent engine in it ..?  There is no compartment for students to fall behind the train. Daughters like Vaishali have proved that everything is possible if we try.  Friends, let's get together, let's respect, educate, introduce the positivity of life to every such daughter of the country and encourage her for every strength and ability.  That is the true celebration of Women's Day..we celebrate this every you?

Command and Control CCC 2.O Recruitment Exam Ticket Date Announced 

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