Matter of providing scanning table under first term diagnostic test - 2020-21


Matter of providing scanning table under first term diagnostic test - 2020-21



In 6th to 8th, senior teachers with option got OP. Direct recruits got benefit. If they got OP, teachers with option who were senior stayed ahead of them. They did not meet near the village. Now there is no space.  I had to go 30 km away from where I was. What about him? Someone will also make a presentation on this matter

Lakshmiji got annoyed with a Vaniya.
Speaking of leaving, I'm leaving,
And my place is getting damaged.
Get ready and judge.
But, I will give you the last gift you need.
Demand, whatever you want.

Vanio was very sensible.
He pleaded that even if the damage was done, tell him not to break the love in my family.
That's all I want.

Lakshmiji said tatastu.

A few days later,

Her nephew mistakenly bought the wrong gold set for Vaniya's daughter's wedding.
Vaniya was saddened to find out, but he did not blame his nephew for the loss of Rs 50,000, only gave a lesson.
It was understood that the loss had entered.

Thinking, "Let me go to the temple of God before going home", he went to the Lakshmi-Narayan temple.
Someone stole his expensive slippers there.
Loss ..., the recipe was starting to show.

This side at home,
Vaniya's youngest wife was making kheechadi.  He added salt, etc., and began to do other work.
Then the other boy's bride came and left without tasting the salt.
Her mother-in-law did the same.

The voice came first in the evening.
When I took the first bite in my mouth, I realized that too much salt had fallen.
They realized that the damage had been done.
But without saying anything, he quietly walked to the ground.
Then came the number of the eldest son.
He also put the first swallow in his mouth and immediately asked if Dad had eaten?  Did he say anything?
Everyone replied ‘Yes, I ate!  Didn't say anything. '

Now the son thought that when the father did not say anything, I would also eat quietly.  Thus the other members of the household came one by one.  Asking the first one, and walking silently to the ground.

At night, he joined hands with Vaniya and said,
‘I’m going.
Vaniya asked, "Why?"

When the loss says,
You people ate a kilo of salt.
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  I don't think I can do anything here. ”

Enlightenment: -
Conflict, weakness is the identity of loss.

Where there is love, there is Lakshmi's abode.
Always share love.
Appreciate the big and the small.
The one who is older is the one who stays big,
Even if ..., your earnings are more than their earnings.
So let the elder ..., remain the elder.  Preserve their dignity.
    So, happiness, peace, joy, Lakshmiji ..., everything is with you.

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Matter of providing scanning table under first term diagnostic test - 2020-21

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